Premium sales can bring back to the store

any one of the shops in the sale of the time it is easy to encounter some of the downturn, this time in order to increase the store’s repeat customers, but the owner racked his brains. Here, Xiao Bian recommended a business strategy, which is the sale of prizes. For the issue of the sale of prizes, we have a lot of retail customers will think it is a way to engage in the sale of some hypermarkets. We have a canteen, do not need, there is no need to engage in ideas. If you think so, it can be wrong, there is a big supermarket hypermarkets bright spots, we also have a small store small boat U-turn advantage. So, how do we do small and medium-sized retail sales to win the old customers, win new customers?

first, to facilitate the operation, make the prize sales should not be too complicated, simple, simple, not like those fanquan integral, some supermarkets engage in, let the customer pull the broken skull also account of the game. Simple operation, not only for small shops, some of the stores also have a reference. The modern people for shopping comfort and simplicity of the increasingly high demand, the complex fanquan game you do, customers don’t buy your account. Also, who wants to spend so much brains to think about your winding.

so, how do I do this? Every time I was in the distribution of leaflets, flyers will be in the following simple questions, the following questions have several alternative answers, and indicate in the remarks column last, billboards within the store will have the correct answer, as long as the customer tick in the corresponding column of leaflets, right you can get the free value of small package 2 yuan a bag of washing powder, but this "pie in the sky" thing, this approach is the use of the customer’s curiosity and take advantage of the psychological, to achieve the purpose of promoting popularity.

the answers to simple questions can get product reward free, so have some attraction to consumers, at the beginning of the day, the store was almost broke the door, only that day, send out more than and 500 bags of washing powder reward. So there is a benefit, is what you want to get the right answers to the questions I get to the store, so as to attract consumers to the store, the customer into the store, provides a good guarantee for the promotion and sale of the next product, at the same time through the answer again so that they can strengthen the understanding of goods or store.

but to pay attention to a little bit better: that is, you do not have the problem of selling prizes too complex, as long as the consumer to the store before the billboard can easily get the answer. The problem is the choice of the problem, as long as consumers think the correct answer before the hook can be, if the problem is too complicated or to write a large section of the text of the customer will make them lose interest in the impact of publicity. But in order to gather popularity as soon as possible, you can use a first come first served approach, specifically how to operate, it depends on how the organization of the business.

of course, prize sales is a very good

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