Retail stores highlight value added services to attract customers

because of the fierce competition in the industry, and now almost all the major commodity prices have been transparent, therefore, the competition between the shops, there is no advantage in price. But if you want to attract more consumer groups to shop, might as well work in the service above. What we do in many retail stores now is just a general service, that is, as long as the customer requests to do their best to meet them. This service is technically less demanding, as long as sincere, sharp eyed, Tuiqin, hand on it. But to do talent shows itself in the same industry invincible is not enough.

remember the Haier group executive director Zhang Ruimin said "no fine local, there is no global surge high and sweep forward our ancestors," Confucius also said: "the world is difficult, it was easy to make, world affairs, will do in detail". It can be seen that the quality and level of personalized service, not only affect the customer’s emotions, but also related to the reputation and effectiveness of the shop.

through the value of the service, the shop into a consumer social scene, so as to meet customer needs, emotional needs, so that the quality of service beyond the normal expectations of customers. In fact, the value of the service itself is sometimes more than the goods themselves, some customers will be in order to get better service, but would rather run some roads to the service to the local consumer. Fundamentally speaking, providing value service is not only a "price war", but also a kind of psychological warfare".

to provide customers with value-added services, I mainly do the following two points: first, willing to give, two is the heart. "Willing" is to give up after the first big money. As the saying goes, reluctant to children, can not hold the wolf. People known sea fishing, is to rely on the "profit model, to provide free food such as melon, watermelon, melon, shrimp, fried green beans, fruit, plum and lover, Soybean Milk free shoeshining and Manicure in customer service level, to attract customers consumption reached a profit.

this "willing" mode, I was properly applied to the usual retail business. My shop is stocked with a lot of goods purchased from the Internet or 2 yuan store. These commodities are mostly small tools in life, generally do not take away, mostly free to customers.

customers to the store to buy hazelnut or sharp fruit, I will he sent a nuts with gadgets; to buy potatoes or melons and vegetables, he sent a peeler; to buyers with small appliances, send a kitchen sink sundries rack. There are many similar gadgets, I shop for example: Magic garlic peeling machine, elderly needle threader, kitchen magic sponge brush, household sealing clamp nearly more than and 20 kinds of life gadgets, favored by our customers.

"intention", is to treat every customer with sincerity, let them enjoy the value of material and spiritual services. My shop and it

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