Entrepreneurs need to be cautious entrepreneurship was bank credit department staff cheated 360 thou

with the entrepreneurial population growing, entrepreneurial market continues to expand, more and more people pay attention to, at the same time, the market is more and more entrepreneurial venture fraud appear a lot of dragons and fishes jumbled together, and here, Xiaobian to tell you a story!


recently, reporters from the Lhasa Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment learned that the day before, the police cracked a fake bank credit department staff, defrauding victims 360 thousand yuan case to apply for the loan on the grounds.

training school

"just know Lily when she told me that she is in Lhasa city in a bank credit department, also said that his father is a unit of the leadership of the autonomous region." Small said, he heard Lili said that after, they also often for gospel truth, after about lili out to eat or go to karaoke singing. For a long time, the bag and Lily became very good friends.

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