Han sangdoo jiamengfei much

Korean restaurant investment projects, many people are more optimistic about the Korean sangdoo characteristics to join the brand, so investors are most concerned about is the Korean cuisine to join the brand needing to how much money? The following small series to introduce this issue.

catering investment, want success, you should choose a unique brand of Han Bibimbap sangdoo! Join, a feature of Korean Bibimbap fast-food franchise brand, low investment, small and medium enterprises can do good business, unlimited potential,

is worth the investment!

Han sangdoo joined and without the high cost of joining the headquarters, continue to lower the threshold so that only the more entrepreneurial dream of investors through rich Han sangdoo. And headquarters will regularly introduce a certain amount of preferential policies. Join thindo Han Bibimbap needs more than 10 square meters of the store, about the cost of around 3~15 million, plus 40 thousand yuan start-up capital, investment in about 6~20 million.

Han sangdoo jiamengfei need?

venture to choose the project, the investment of well-known food and beverage brand project is more likely to succeed, the store can quickly have a hot business. Therefore, to join Han sangdoo Bibimbap become the majority of investors choose. Han said Bibimbap to join the shop? Han sangdoo Bibimbap join? Headquarters to provide support to help the franchisee quick shop, to quickly grasp the store management skills, will store the of sound and colour.

Han sangdoo joining cost how much? The above is about the "Han sangdoo Bibimbap jiamengfei" general introduction, the hope can cause your investment concern! Good projects, good business opportunities, to firmly grasp the Han sangdoo, Bibimbap joined the shop model for small and medium investors to adhere to the fundamental, continue to seek better the mode of operation, cost savings for the franchisee to maximize, to ensure steady investment, rapid return to this, sustained profitability



above is the simple introduction of Han sangdoo jiamengfei, hope to help investors to join, if you still have what problem is that we can help you, you can give us a message on our website below, see the message after the first time we will reply to you.

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