A fire idea O2O car

want to get the initiative in the entrepreneurial market, we must have a keen sense of smell and association. The day before, the government announced that the future can be through self-study to obtain a driver’s license, then the O2O model of the car brand is a good news, there will be more people to choose flexible and low-cost car platform.


O2O car to

You have to learn to drive the

", can join our QQ group 58 car." Have a driver’s license for the new family books, 58 partners must not unfamiliar, it can spend tens of dollars to a senior driver don’t have a person to accompany, to tremble with fear. Just over 1 months ago, the 58’s has spawned a new project: 58 car. However, currently only in Hangzhou area car open block training service manual.

to create the Internet for driving O2O car mode for entrepreneurs, opportunities have emerged.

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