Chinese women’s top ten brands list

talk about Chinese women’s brand, it can really be countless, countless, there is no way to statistics. At present, there are many brands in the Chinese women’s clothing market, the competition is fierce, and the market share of each brand is low. China has a population of 1 billion 350 million, of which women are 660 million, 25-59 years old, these people have a population of 370 million, high, medium and high, the proportion of the middle and low consumption of the population was 2%, respectively, 59%, 39%, 4. High end of the domestic high-end women’s clothing, consumers have 220 million people, the average single consumer spending between 1 thousand to $5 thousand.

high consumption layer, the staff of foreign leaders, including the famous entertainer, foreign institutions senior personnel, financial professionals, accounting for about 2% of the total number of cities and towns, while consumption is accounted for 10% of total sales, consumption ability is very strong. High grade average income level of consumers is higher, higher purchasing power, they emphasized that the quality of life, focus on quality of life, so the famous brand pursuit is particularly evident, become the main consumer group brand clothing. Following with the small series to see the top ten Chinese women’s brand list.

China ladies ten brand ranking NO.1. starry HSTYLE (China Internet fast fashion brand sales, with famous fast fashion style popular well-known fashion brand ten, Han clothing e-commerce group Limited by Share Ltd)

China ladies ten brand ranking NO.2. ESEY ESEY (Chinese senior fashion pants leader, domestic large trousers manufacturers, R & D / design / production / marketing as one of the modern high-grade trousers enterprise, Genting Zhengzhou Garments Co., Ltd.)

Chinese ladies ten brands list NO.3. (peacebird Yurakucho’s that young women’s brand, the flagship girl series, with " / " / vitality; sweet and elegant; the brand style of leading fashion trends, peacebird Group Co., Ltd.)

Chinese ladies ten brands list NO.4. (INMAN " Yin Mianma artist " for the positioning of the original design brands, domestic growth speed and the representative of the Internet’s retail brand, Guangzhou Huimei Garment Co., Ltd.)

China ladies ten brand ranking NO.5. Qiushuiyiren (started in 1996, located in the 20-42 year old fashionable women’s clothing brand, large domestic famous garment enterprises, Zhejiang impression industry Limited by Share Ltd)

China ladies ten brand ranking NO.6. Liebo LIEBO (Tmall developed independent brand design, based on the classical flower pattern.

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