Analysis on the management skills of some clothing stores

now in our life, in fact, clothing store is very common, and although the clothing market demand is relatively large, but also more intense market competition, people need to know something about the clothing store management principle.

in the sales process, in addition to the fashion show to the customer, and explained, to recommend to the customer to attract customers to buy clothing, interest. Recommended clothing can be used the following methods:

1, recommended to have confidence in recommending clothing to the customer, the salesperson must have confidence in themselves, in order to allow customers to have a sense of trust in clothing.

2, suitable for customer recommendation. When presenting the goods to customers and making explanations, they should recommend suitable clothing according to their actual objective conditions.

3, with gestures recommended to customers.

4, with the characteristics of goods. Each kind of clothing has different characteristics, such as function, design, quality and other aspects of the characteristics, to recommend clothing to the customer, we should focus on the different characteristics of clothing.

5, focus on the commodity. Recommend clothing to customers, we must try to bring the topic to the clothing, while paying attention to observe the customer’s response to clothing, in order to facilitate the sale of.

6, accurately describe the advantages of various types of clothing. When the customer’s clothing description and recommendation, to compare the different types of clothing, accurately describe the advantages of various types of clothing.

key sales skills

key sales is being targeted. For the clothing design, function, quality, price and other factors, it is necessary to the people, and really make the customer’s psychological transition from "comparison" to "faith", the final sales success. In a very short period of time to allow customers to have the confidence to buy, is a very important part of the sale. Key selling has the following principles:

1, starting from 4W. From the time to wear When, wearing the occasion Where, wearing the object Who, the purpose of the Why to do a good job in the purchase of staff, is conducive to sales success.

2, the focus should be brief. When explaining the characteristics of the clothing to the customer, the language should be concise and clear. The most important features of clothing goods should first say, if there is time to layer by layer.

3, specific performance. According to the customer’s situation, flexible, not stereotyped, only said: "this dress is good", "this dress you most suitable" and so on too simple and general marketing language. Change the way you speak in terms of sales. Different customers to introduce different content, so that people should.

4, sales staff to grasp the dynamics of the epidemic, to understand the fashion pioneer, to the customer that clothing in line with the trend of fashion.

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