College students entrepreneurship project roadshow held in

now the age of entrepreneurs is getting smaller and smaller, many students are still studying in the school have begun to earn their first pot of gold. Yunnan Arts University, 13 college students entrepreneurship project roadshow, in this group of college students on hand, national characteristics, regional characteristics as the main direction of the entrepreneurial project.

"a chicken sold for about 100 yuan, and soil egg profit, farm + farmer mode. Starting from this period of time, I think the economic benefits are particularly optimistic, then plans to invest 1 million yuan." "I venture is pure Chinese herbal medicine, hand weaving, market survey……" When you work hard for many years you are still hesitant to start a business, there are a group of children still in college, they have started a business.


yunchuang tribal public record space and cloud of space in the future will be the starting point of public record venture roadshow normalization, two public record space will provide more than 3000 square meters of excellent work space for innovation and entrepreneurial network space, social space and resources sharing space, accept enough innovation consciousness and innovation ability, have clear direction and innovative ideas, teams and projects in line with industry oriented settled, and provide one-stop service to them, supporting the development of entrepreneurship of entrepreneurial team.

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