Haidian Chi bike you try it

in life we often have some short distance travel, although the bus ride is also very convenient, but most of the time it will take some time to wait. 2016, Haidian launched the wisdom to enjoy bicycle rental system, the community will be idle bike after intelligent transformation, for public rental, car rental costs 0.5 yuan per 30 minutes. At present, Haidian District 29 street town has started to use idle bicycle intelligent synchronization in the community, streets, subway, bus, district et al traffic density areas set up "intellectual enjoy bicycle" special parking spots.

at present, the streets have been put on the 500 pilot, the end of the year will be completed in Haidian District, "20 thousand" bicycle use. On the morning of November 3rd, came to the hospital in Haidian District, Wanshou Road Fuxing Road No. 26 community, a row of painting with the wisdom of the bicycle and the two-dimensional code of the car neatly arranged. On the phone to download the wisdom to enjoy travel APP software, registered to pay 200 yuan deposit, the body scan two-dimensional code, that is, to achieve the vehicle unlock. In order to prevent the car is difficult to find, through the APP immediately to find the car keys, the target vehicle can also be issued to help users find a beep beep.

and some public bicycle now appeared on the streets, enjoy intellectual bicycle basket and the seat body, the average weight of only 10 kg. APP enjoy travel within a credit evaluation system, according to the use of the car will be used to evaluate the user. The operator, each car enjoy intellectual bicycle "after the frame has a solar photovoltaic system with the intelligent lock, intelligent sensor positioning module and electronic transmission system lock, built-in sensors can also induced the bike is wading, intelligent lock is destroyed by the external force, acceleration sensors can also speed induction of bicycle.

taken from the residents, used in the residents, the wisdom to enjoy the active participation of the community residents. 10 am, more than a dozen residents in the community are pushing their idle bikes to donate. This car has been idle at home for 6 years, which has a good place, not only can be put into public use, we also use the donor deposit exemption, kill two birds with one stone." 2 building Chen Cuihua told reporters. Relevant person in charge, within two weeks, the streets of Wanshou Road, a total collection of waste, idle bike 1522, up to one day to receive a donation of more than and 30 bicycles.

at present, is in accordance with the scrap and transformation of two standards for vehicle classification, the next step will be in the range of 8.7 kilometers, the Wanshou Road Street 35 community invested 3000 vehicles enjoy intellectual bicycle ", while the establishment of parking site 200 to 300, ensure that at least 1 sites within 1 km. In addition to the streets of the community, wisdom to enjoy the bike is also trying to enter the campus, has been put in the early 50 of the Beijing Sport University, and provide relief for poor students deposit, the use of virtual currency car discount. < / recommendation

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