Chinese people go to Japan or sign the Japanese government welcomes more Chinese tourists to visit

to go shopping in Japan, the Chinese people are more and more, then, I believe that the Chinese people go to Japan or sign such a message, it is sure to let more Chinese people are very happy. From the side, Japan is also actively developing tourism!

4 4 afternoon, Japan’s diplomatic power figures, Deputy Foreign Minister of Japan Kihara Makotoji publicly revealed that the Japanese government welcomes more Chinese went to Japan to visit, the Japanese government has enacted a new target, to 2020 the number of foreign visitors to Japan reached 40 million people, reached 60 million in 2030. Therefore, the Japanese government will explore the relevant measures and policies, such as visa is also one of the measures.

The relevant reports from the media in Japan:

2016 announced in January 18th, Japan Tourism Bureau data show that in 2015 the number of China to mainland tourists reached 4 million 993 thousand and 800 passengers, an increase of 107.3% compared with 2 million 409 thousand and 100 passengers in 2014, had become Japan’s largest tourist source country. Prior to 2014, the mainland was also China China in Taiwan (2 million 829 thousand and 800 times), South Korea (2 million 755 thousand and 300 times), ranked only third.

from the shopping amount, China mainland tourists "purchasing power" is even more alarming. In 2015, Japan Chinese of mainland tourists in total consumption amounted to 1 trillion and 410 billion yen (about 82 billion 344 million yuan), per capita consumption amounted to 283 thousand and 800 yen (about 16 thousand and 600 yuan), than in other countries and regions on the tourists in the amount of per capita consumption of more than 100 thousand yen (about 5840 yuan).

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