College students do cross border electricity supplier considerable income

business is not what happens, entrepreneurship is not what strange things, a lot of legendary story can let us learn a lot, there are a lot of entrepreneurial story, today Xiaobian to tell a story of success of college students to do cross-border electricity supplier, with a quick Xiaobian take a look, you will from the harvest to a lot of good stuff, whether you are learning or business have help!

Liu Huan was born in 1992, Hubei, Huanggang, in 2011, he failed in the college entrance examination, admitted to a not satisfied with the University, they had to give up their studies, out of the idea of a trip. After several reflections, he resolutely chose to leave the campus, go to the community, ready to work in the company to accumulate experience and funds, and then start their own entrepreneurial road.

at that time, domestic e-commerce has been gradually on the rise, Liu Huan in the Jingdong under the pat Network has been working for a year at work, he found himself a lot of professional things are not, still need to improve themselves by learning. Liu Huan said: "in the pat net work of the year because of the professional knowledge had suffered a lot, even every day to work overtime or keep up with the progress of others. During that time, I felt very tired and realized that it was difficult to develop without professional knowledge, so I had the idea of going back to school."

decided to return to the school of Liu Huan, repeat a year, eventually admitted to the Wuchang Institute of technology. Into the University of his goal is clear, chose the direction he wants to develop, in September 2013, he entered the Wuchang Institute of technology, the school has become a professional e-commerce students.

applied to choose entrepreneurship

do cross-border electricity supplier pioneer

After entering the University of

Liu Huan in their own professional courses to learn a lot of professional knowledge, in the school organization of e-commerce professional seminars and seminars, get a lot of new insights and experience. Big semester, Liu Huan in the school of e-commerce incubation base of entrepreneurial projects have created the impulse to start again. He said, I want to apply their knowledge, the theory will be applied to practice in entrepreneurship."

2013 years, the domestic e-commerce has been very popular, the emergence of a variety of online shop. In the pat Network work for a year, Liu Huan, found that there are many drawbacks of domestic e-commerce, decided to do cross-border electricity supplier, the domestic goods sold abroad. At that time, most people do not know the cross-border electricity supplier in the domestic, the school has not yet opened the cross-border electricity supplier in this discipline, no more professional people can guide him, Liu Huan didn’t know whether he will be successful, with a try, with his work a year savings for funds, open his cross-border electricity supplier the road of entrepreneurship.


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