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2012, the world will win a baby boom, which also brings unlimited business opportunities for many business opportunities! With China’s annual population of 15 million people, fertility services is a promising industry. But now maternity service coverage even less than 1%, while the proportion of overseas developed markets is about 30%. Strong market demand, coupled with the power of capital, baby boom business is going to erupt.

on your side, a number of new family service companies are quietly growing, which constitute a cover all aspects of the school, private hospitals, maternal pregnant women, month of meals, the month club training in the new birth Yuesao industry chain, this chain to docking with the early industry, remodeling of the Chinese type of family".

The high-end brand to do on the

5 years later, Guo Xiaodan became a mother site?? founder love mother, the United States should become the eyes of investors the most promising private maternity hospital. In the past 5 years, the United States and China have carried out the two expansion. In Beijing, there were only 4 similar hospitals last year. 5 years ago, the confusion of Guo Xiaodan is the choice of public or private hospitals; now, confused mother love is the choice of the user’s choice of private hospitals.

into amcare maternity hospital hall, almost do not feel this is a hospital, one side of the entrance is a group of rattan sofa, here you can drink a cup of tea or chat. Two floor inpatient area, if not the room that can adjust the height of the bed, will mistakenly think into a hotel. While the Department of children’s area, looks more like a small children’s paradise.

"here have children who have a reservation to early next year," amcare said a staff member. Superior external environment and human services has become a private maternity institutions nirvana.

amcare front put two copies of leaflets, a cord blood storage, provide the services of the company have been listed overseas; another is the month club Jubilee Pavilion, located in five.

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