Hangzhou college graduates to start a new welfare service

college students in Hangzhou is really a good life, but also a new entrepreneurial policy came out, this preferential policies, I believe can bring college entrepreneurs absolute shock. There are entrepreneurial needs of college graduates together to understand it!

which provides college students and graduates within 5 years of college graduates, and establish enterprises or individual industrial and commercial households in the urban areas, can apply for 20 thousand yuan to 200 thousand yuan grant students start the project.

if the money is not enough, can also apply for business loans. Hangzhou will be college students, graduated 5 years (inclusive) within the college graduates (urban household registration without graduation years) to implement a full discount.

in small and micro business park, 3 years can enjoy 50 square meters within the park, rent subsidies, subsidies for the highest standards of 3 yuan per square meter per day, first years, second years, third years, the proportion of subsidies were 100%, 70%, 30%; in the park outside the city within the scope of the rental housing, 3 within a year can enjoy 100 square meters of rent subsidies, subsidies for the standard first year subsidy of 1 yuan per square meter per day, second years and third years of subsidies to 0.5 yuan per square meter per day.

if after graduation did not find a satisfactory job, went to Small and micro businesses (Urban 300 enterprises), relatively low income, so you can enjoy not more than 3 years, the annual 2000 yuan employment subsidies, is employment registration, in accordance with the law to pay social insurance premiums for 12 consecutive months and the average wage wage income is lower than last year’s total social workers. If you are not satisfied with the existing work, want to improve themselves, to participate in vocational training, vocational skills training can be obtained to identify subsidies and entrepreneurship training subsidies.

Many students think Taobao

it is reported that there are business loans, rural electricity providers and other supporting documents being developed. More detailed and comprehensive policy answers, can call 12333 or to all levels of human social security department consulting.

such awesome entrepreneurial incentives, believe not everywhere, when you are still hesitating whether to venture, see this opportunity, the decisive point is not recommended

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