Chengdu public space Knight Knight island four new branches

2105 is a year of innovation and development for Chengdu. All kinds of forums and the convening of the general assembly, to create a global benchmark for innovation and entrepreneurship in Chengdu play a role in promoting the city. Recently, the Chengdu public space Knight Knight created four new stores, will help more entrepreneurs.


"when the traditional industry heavyweights gradually successful transformation into a new round of innovation path, individual entrepreneurs will face more powerful competitors." Prior to the arrival of more and more powerful competitors, individual entrepreneurs to start a little earlier, go further, the chances of survival in the future will be even greater.

regardless of the traditional industry and modern industry, so intimate helping entrepreneurs are rare. Competition in the market will become more and more fierce, with the help of external forces to achieve higher goals, is the only way for future development of entrepreneurship.

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