2016 national two clear clear signal to use

each year the two sessions are the focus of common concern of the government and the people, for the welfare of the people, for the official promotion of well-known road. 2016 two of the country, the central government has repeatedly referred to the problem of cadres appointment cadres concern. Therefore, we sort out the central three by signal, we look to see if you have seats, promotion on the road?

3 7, that Xi Jinping attended the meeting of the Heilongjiang delegation, "cadre, is when the stem, both want to do would do actively doing, will do good to do, which is the first initiative". To really put those who want to be able to work, dare to play, dare to play, good as a selection of outstanding cadres at all levels of leadership."

in the government work report, Li Keqiang said, "to support encouraging innovators"; said Yu Zhengsheng attended the meeting of the delegation of Hubei, to encourage cadres at all levels to the director general, dare officers, able to succeed; pointed out that Liu Yunshan attended the meeting of the delegation of Inner Mongolia, "to promote the formation of as, dare, as good as good habits"; about the general business, stressed that Wang Qishan attended the meeting of the Beijing delegation, "really dare to play, can go though it, overcome difficulties."

tell the truth

in this year’s CPPCC Chairman Yu Zhengsheng opened the meeting, saying "to encourage the work of Party and government comments and suggestions, and reflect the aspirations of the people support the aspirations of the masses of the voices, encourage different views of the exchange and discussion, support to tell the truth, said the truth, really refreshing.

2014 in June 30th, Xi Jinping in the Political Bureau of the Central Committee on strengthening the improvement of the sixteenth collective study meeting style of system construction is pointed out, leading cadres on the basis of the act strictly according to Party discipline, should stick to the right path, promote righteousness, adhere to the faith, who recommended

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