Create a custom culture in Hefei to be promoted

hit off is a kind of new vocabulary, is now relatively frequent in our each person’s life, at the same time, now a passenger began to have their own culture, the ninth China (Hefei) International Cultural Expo recently carried out in Hefei.

ninth China (Hefei) International Cultural Expo will be the first hackerspaces into the exhibition to open up to the "creative lead a better life" as the theme of the exhibition display of Hefei maxspace, creating culture and novelty, fun and creative products, create a guest atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship, set off in Hefei the upsurge of Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship. The appearance of the exhibition not only fully reflects the municipal government attaches great importance to the work of young passengers, but also shows the public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation, the new trend.

maxspace show off the record culture

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