A family crazy barbecue let you eat crazy

barbecue has received national love, imagine sitting in a Hot pot in the barbecue shop Shabu Ling lie winter eating barbecue, the feeling of unspeakable. A lot of news broke the barbecue delicious but unsanitary, eating parasites cases are numerous, so most people have a bias against the barbecue. But this restaurant famous small next to say is that its health, coupled with the taste of the beautiful, articulate Liuxiang, let people lead a person to endless aftertastes by the majority, it is Beijing chowhound praise, a product family barbecue crazy.

more than 1 thousand and 800 national chain stores are popular in Beijing for a family business, including the provinces crazy popular barbecue island of Taiwan; 80% of the franchisee is not engaged in catering, 90% chain stores profitable business in Beijing! A crazy product family barbecue series, grilled squid series, skewers, disc series roast series, soup series, barbecue series, Lo western style series of classical sections, let your business Huobao



product family crazy barbecue restaurant let investors smooth Shouye, rich, a product of Beijing family crazy barbecue restaurants are widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, markets, residential areas, villages and towns, streets and other channel marketing. And the temporary supply of small and medium-sized stores to provide a comprehensive guide to upgrade the work, with a natural expansion of the market. It can be said, from the current situation of a product family crazy barbecue bone soup noodle restaurant, has a basic factor, a product family crazy barbecue restaurant low threshold will be the first step on the road to success.

extensive collection of Chinese and foreign food essence, making fine art heritage snacks, snacks market situation and consumer trends, a product of Beijing crazy family barbecue integration and innovation, the development of a series of snack items, a family barbecue restaurant, all the four corners of the world crazy flavor, a product family by Goods are available in all varieties., Beijing Oriental crazy barbecue catering catering management limited collection of many domestic the top food research, a product family crazy barbecue restaurant chain operations, education and training, management consulting and marketing planning experts, research and promotion of diet culture for many years focused on food and beverage industry. 2002, a family of crazy barbecue catering company and the Australian Cooper food investment group to join hands to build a huge global food and beverage information network, a comprehensive grasp of the world’s latest and most complete dining information.

09 years as the most popular small business gold project, a collection of the most popular snacks crazy hot roast wings, crazy barbecue series, Roast Lamb Leg, crazy roast rabbit, roasted flavor series, refreshing dish series, etc. the main characteristics of the special snack products catering market, at the same time, in addition to the crazy sign porridge, nutrition package snacks, snacks, tasty dishes, staple food series, fruit drink series and other varieties, fully meet the consumer demand.

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