2016 taxi software ten brands list

no private cars, do not want to do the bus, how to do? In the taxi software line of the world today, download a taxi software, will make your travel very convenient. In short, the emergence of a taxi software to facilitate our lives, although occasional problems occur, but in general the taxi industry is still very hot. Now Xiaobian to inventory China 2016 taxi software ten brands list, so as to facilitate more people travel.

2016 taxi software in the top ten brands NO.1, drops travel: drops travel is the world’s largest one-stop diversified travel channels. Drops in more than 400 city in China for nearly 300 million users to provide taxi call car, car, train, car, bus, drive, driving on behalf of all travel service and enterprise etc.. A number of third party data show, drops more than 87% of China’s car market share; more than 99% of the network about taxi market share.

2016 taxi software ten brands list NO.2, China auto rental: Inc. (CAR) was founded in September 2007, headquartered in Beijing, china. As China’s car rental industry leader, China auto rental industry mature world actively learn successful car loan, to the vast number of users with short rent, long-term lease and financing loan car rental service professional.

2016 taxi software in the top ten brands NO.3, Uber excellent step: Uber Chinese translation of excellent step, is a American Technology Corp. In mainland China, Uber has now entered twenty-two cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou and.

2016 taxi software ten brands list NO.4, a car: a car created by Mr. Zhang Ruiping in January 2006, is China’s first car rental company to achieve full electronic business management. The company is headquartered in Shanghai, more than and 150 cities in the country set up a total of more than 1 thousand and 900 service outlets, providing more than 200 kinds of models, all over the country.

2016 taxi software ten brands list NO.5, easy to car: the car is easy to be the most innovative commercial value of the Internet booking service car sharing channels, is the electronic commerce website of China’s first professional supply designed by approximately car service. Founded in May 2010, headquartered in Beijing, china.

2016 taxi software ten brands list NO.6, one car: 2015 01 month 09 days, one car that will be the first to set up a $one hundred million passenger "Xianhengpeifu" fund, and has China and Ping An insurance company reached with responsibility insurance cooperation.

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