Guizhou Xishui leveraging the three love to promote the entrepreneurship of migrant workers

now the country are trying to promote entrepreneurship, at the same time in the country have introduced many different policies to promote, at the same time, the focus is placed around the country to promote entrepreneurship in attracting migrant workers entrepreneurship category.

in the work process, the County Federation of trade unions in accordance with the county Party committee and government requirements, organize the relevant departments to the township of zaiba Xian, deep source, warm water, Liang Cun, Cheng Zhai, Dong Huang, Tucheng, wine, Ma Lin and other (District) visits to research, summary analysis of the understanding of the situation and related visits statistical data, carefully written "investigation report of Xishui County employment situation of migrant workers returning home". "Investigation report" a comprehensive analysis of the present situation, characteristics, development of this county migrant workers returning reasons, economic and social benefits, the achievements, difficulties and problems, put forward to promote the migrant workers entrepreneurship work suggestions and plans.

now migrant workers entrepreneurship has been vigorously promoted by governments all over the world, at the same time, migrant workers in the new social situation, also has a variety of advantages of entrepreneurship entrepreneurial types, the Guizhou Xishui County and migrant workers also conform to the requirements of the development of the society.


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