A Korean steamed stuffed bun advantage of

a North Korea, just look at the brand you can know what is the area of business projects? Yes, that’s the name of a brand of a breakfast bun. And is a foreign investment agency of a Korean steamed baozi Inn, joined by a single store operation and recruit regional authorized agents and franchise based business model, to provide a range of business counseling for each operator, a Korean steamed stuffed bun help y grasp the development of franchise business market skills and technology, ability to achieve independent shop management the. So how much does a North Korean steamed stuffed bun join?

how much does it cost to join a Korean steamed bun? What are the advantages? See the following details:

a North Korean steamed stuffed bun join fee:

1, join fee 10000-20000 yuan

2, 15 square facade rent (market entry for example):3500 yuan / month 3, renovation costs: $100 million

3, decoration costs (door, water, electricity, fan ash):12000 yuan

4, a total of equipment: 29400 yuan 5, small steamed stuffed bun machine (19800-38000 yuan)

6, workbench: 3000 yuan

7, as well as other barrels and other tools to hold: 1000 yuan according to the preliminary estimates of the beginning of the first investment is estimated to be about $80000.

a North Korean steamed stuffed bun join advantage:

1, before the opening of the franchisee and staff training system

2, early opening to provide guidance

3, the quality and sanitary conditions of the pad products are not less than 3 times a month

4, assist franchisees to deal with consumer complaints

5, assist in the recruitment of

6, the company is responsible for semi-finished products distribution, franchisees to store products processing and sales

a Korean steamed stuffed bun to join, to help franchisees better and faster to make money, is a very promising to join the project, welcomed the national people with lofty ideals to join a North Korean steamed stuffed bun!

if you are interested in joining a Korean steamed stuffed bun, please leave a message below our website, we will arrange our staff to contact you when you see the message.

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