How much is the three Tianjin soup to join fee business

if the list of food for a long time, there is nothing better than steamed buns. Over the years, but also durable. Since ancient times, steamed stuffed bun is the best food for people to eat, of course, has evolved so many kinds of steamed stuffed bun. For example, dumplings, steamed buns, Baozi Stuffed with Creamy Custard, Baozi Stuffed with BBQ Pork…… of people’s lives. In recent years, the three Tianjin soup breakfast will slowly become meal products, sales have increased constantly, ranked in the industry first. Such prospects, attracting many investors coveted. Then, three Jin Tang joined need how many money?

three Jin soup to join need how many money? Three Tianjin dumplings join prospect?

from 2001 to now, the brand was founded, three Jin Tang has gone through 15 years. These three years, Tianjin soup of innovation and scientific research, with the advantages of thin skin stuffing, thick soup delicious, gained popularity today, three Jin Tang has opened 50 stores in the country, because every one of the stores are made with fresh food, customer first business philosophy every day is of tourists, business is booming.

with the public attention for breakfast increased, three Jin soup will show great vitality, future sales will reach its peak.

is a brand to join will always have many expenses, to join the three Tianjin soup, franchisees need to pay a fee to join the series to the headquarters, these costs include brand franchise fees, deposit, management fees, equipment costs, material costs. According to preliminary statistics, three Tianjin dumplings joined the budget in 10 to 200 thousand. Here, Xiaobian to explain in detail how much money to join the three Tianjin dumplings.

brand to join Gold: according to the different forms of joining, join the brand of gold there will be some differences, in general, three Jin soup to join gold in the 3-5 million.

As everyone knows,

margin: when the contract expires, if the franchisee does not violate the terms of the contract to make matters during the cooperation, the deposit refunded, in order to restrict the investment business, the amount of deposit to three Jin soup in about 5000 yuan to 10 thousand yuan.

management fee: management fees charged by the general, the specific charges and franchise area, the size of the franchise.

equipment costs: different areas of the store to join the different types of equipment required, usually, standard stores need to invest 3-5 million equipment costs.

material costs: the first batch of material costs may be more, roughly 10 thousand yuan, the latter can be purchased in accordance with the specific circumstances of the shop material procurement.

joined the three Tianjin soup about capital 10-20>

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