Gansu how to reduce the cost of all business people to see a doctor

in the life of the country in order to let people live better, in order to let the people have respect for the relevant disease, the medical insurance system for us, but the cost is still high, there are so many diseases need to see people difficult to accept! Is being held in Gansu province "NPC and CPPCC", Liu Weizhong director of the Gansu provincial health and Family Planning Commission briefing on Gansu traditional Chinese medicine industry development, relying on the resources of traditional Chinese medicine, Gansu nearly three years of outpatient and hospitalization costs were the lowest.

is the only Chinese medicine development comprehensive reform pilot demonstration Province, a supporting policy measures, effectively reducing the cost of medical doctor, Gansu Province Planning Commission Director Liu Weizhong said, personal health spending accounted for the proportion of residents of the province’s total health financing continued below 40%. "In the past three years, the average outpatient and inpatient costs were the lowest in the province. The aim is to solve the most basic problems in the simplest way, and to maintain the health of residents with the least possible cost."

at the same time, said Liu Weizhong, Gansu will not only the work of traditional Chinese medicine into the province’s economic and social development in the field of agriculture, tourism, culture, industry and other fields to add traditional Chinese medicine elements. Is to actively promote the traditional Chinese medicine services to the first-line radiation penetration, efforts to build a multi-level, wide coverage, multi subjects, relatively perfect "big Chinese medicine" service system.

Gansu how to reduce the cost of medical treatment? Through the above introduction, we can see that the health of Chinese medicine to help promote the construction of Gansu, thus effectively reducing the cost of a doctor. The further implementation of "TCM service promotion project, the traditional Chinese medicine widely recognized at the grassroots level, the masses of the more stable, at present, more than 90% of the province’s comprehensive hospitals, 96.5% community health service centers, 91.2% township hospitals, 75% village clinics can provide Chinese medicine services."

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