In Focus looks back on the Brian Sinclair story

first_imgAPTN National NewsThe life of Brian Sinclair ended tragically inside a Winnipeg emergency room in 2008.APTN has been following the story ever since.Brian was a double amputee who rolled into the health science centre in his wheel chair.  He needed his catheter changed and medication for a bladder infection.34 hours after he arrived, he was found dead in the emergency room.His family say he was ignored to death.last_img

Ground Max jets could contribute to higher summer fares

The grounding of Boeing 737 Max jets likely means that fare increases this summer will be larger than already expected and airlines will struggle to handle disruptions such as storms that shut down hub airports.With Max jets grounded after two deadly accidents, U.S. airlines will operate about 200 fewer daily flights than planned through the heart of the peak summer season. That’s around 35,000 seats lost every day.Travel-data firm Hopper said this week that it expects the average domestic round trip in May will cost $236, 7% more than a year ago, and keep rising in June. Most of that increase is due to the price of jet fuel and other economic causes, but some of it is due to the Max, according to Hayley Berg, the firm’s economist.The grounding of Max jets will leave other planes more crowded.“We expect a certain level of chaos,” said Henrik Zillmer, CEO of AirHelp, which helps travellers get compensation for travel disruptions. “With so many passengers being rebooked, flights may get more overbooked than usual, especially when weather or other factors cause cancellations.”For some passengers, the grounding of the Max will mean a change in travel plans.Southwest, American and United are the three U.S. airlines that used the Max before regulators grounded the jet in mid-March. They are taking passengers whose original itinerary included a Max and rebooking them on flights using other planes.That could mean a nonstop flight turns into a connecting flight. Or it might arrive several hours later than the traveller expected.Travellers who don’t like their new itinerary have limited options. Zillmer said under most international laws the grounding of the Max by governments is considered an extraordinary circumstance, and passengers aren’t eligible for compensation for resulting disruptions.Travellers can seek a full refund, however, even if they bought a nonrefundable ticket.“If the new flight doesn’t work for you, you might consider getting your money back and finding a flight that suits you on your own,” said Tracy Stewart, content editor for travel site But he warned that you might end up paying more that way, especially because prices tend to rise closer to summer.Southwest Airlines has more Max jets than anyone else — 34 — and was scheduled to receive another 41 later this year, although that schedule is now in doubt.Still, the Max accounts for only about 5% of the Southwest fleet and less than 1% of the passenger-carrying capacity of U.S. airlines overall.Berg, the Hopper economist, said heavily travelled routes will probably see little disruption, but routes with lower demand might see some cancellations or suspensions for a short time.One example is Pittsburgh, where Southwest plans to suspend service to Los Angeles and Cancun, Mexico, next month because of the Max situation.Until the Federal Aviation Administration grounded the Max in March, Southwest was using them on many trans-continental flights. American Airlines, with 24 Max planes, flew them heavily in and out of Miami.Southwest and American both say have redistributed their fleets so that no routes suffer a disproportionate seat shortage due to the grounding of the Max.“The Max impact is not isolated to any region or route,” said Southwest spokesman Chris Mainz. “On any given day, with 34 Max, we could have 146 flights on 115 routes touching 44 airports with a Max. And we don’t schedule them the same every day. The impact truly is across our network.”United hopes to have its Max jets flying again in July, while Southwest and American have dropped them from their schedules into August. Boeing is working on a software fix that it hopes will convince regulators to let the planes return to service.It remains to be seen how many travellers will be reluctant to board the plane after crashes that killed 346 people in Indonesia and Ethiopia. Preliminary reports found that software on the plane forced the noses down, and pilots were unable to regain control.If the planes are cleared to fly, passengers who cancel a reservation or refuse to board the plane because they are afraid won’t be eligible for compensation, according to AirHelp’s Zillmer. They can ask the airline for a refund, but that might not work either.“By the time fall rolls around and the software updates have been applied and Maxes are back in operation, it’s pretty unlikely airlines would be as flexible with refunds and ticket changes,” said airfarewatchdog’s Stewart.It will be up to consumers, he said, to check what kind of plane the airline plans to use before they click “buy” on the ticket.___David Koenig can be reached at Koenig, The Associated Press read more

PVH and Movado slide while Burlington and DSW rise

Stocks that moved substantially or traded heavily on Thursday:PVH Corp., down $14.76 to $84.49The owner of the Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger brands cut its full-year profit forecast, citing soft sales in the U.S. and China.Palo Alto Networks Inc., down $11.02 to $204.30The security software maker issued a weak profit forecast for its fiscal fourth quarter.Keysight Technologies Inc., up $8.07 to $79.49The electronics company beat Wall Street’s fiscal second quarter profit and revenue forecasts.Veeva Systems Inc., up $19.81 to $154.30The cloud-based software services company’s first quarter profit beat Wall Street forecasts.Dollar General Corp., up $8.49 to $127The discount retailer beat Wall Street’s first quarter profit and revenue forecasts.Movado Group Inc., down $2.20 to $28.51The watchmaker’s first quarter profit and revenue fell short of Wall Street forecasts.Burlington Stores Inc., up $10.03 to $156.03The discount retailer of coats, jackets and other clothing gave investors a solid first quarter earnings report.Designer Brands Inc., up $1.07 to $19.06The footwear and accessories retailer behind DSW reported solid first quarter profit results.The Associated Press read more

Sri Lankan gets Foreign Domestic Worker of the Year award in Singapore

Sri Lankan Jayawardena Mudiyanselage Sittamma Jayawardena has received the Foreign Domestic Worker of the Year award in Singapore, which comes with a cash prize of $2,000, the Straits Times reported.On top of household chores, the 60-year-old Sri Lankan cared for her employer’s bedridden wife from 1997 till her death last year. She would bathe the woman, change her diapers and urine catheter, feed her every few hours through a nose tube, administer medication, and even take the initiative to groom her with a haircut. Said her employer Chua Choo Hock, 76, who is retired: “The family is always thankful and appreciative of her dedication to my wife and our family… She has become more of a family member to us now after so many years.” The first and second runners-up in the foreign domestic worker category took home $1,500 and $1,000 respectively, while the five merit winners each received $500. The employers received certificates.Since its inception in 2005, Fast has provided subsidised training programmes for about 25,000 foreign domestic workers every year. It also runs a helpline and clubhouse for domestic workers and provides avenues for legal aid. Foreign Domestic Worker Day, organised by the Foreign Domestic Worker Association for Social Support and Training (Fast) and the Association of Employment Agencies (Singapore), drew more than 7,000 people this year who watched stage performances and took part in activities such as lucky draws.The annual competition saw more than four times as many entries compared with last year. Of the 442 entries, 341 were for the foreign domestic worker category. Ms Jayawardena intends to save part of her cash prize, and give the rest to her 100-year-old mother who lives in Sri Lanka. read more

As Syrian exodus continues UN official urges Europe to help shoulder refugee

The United Nations refugee chief today voiced concern about serious gaps in the protection of Syrians who are fleeing the conflict in their country and arriving in Europe, and urged a more generous and consistent approach as they seek shelter and asylum.“Syrians are fleeing one of the worst conflicts the world has seen in decades, and many of them have been subjected to unspeakable human rights violations and persecution in their home country,” António Guterres said in remarks to a meeting in Lithuania of the European Union’s Justice and Home Affairs Council.“Ensuring adequate standards of treatment for them as they seek safety in Europe should be a priority for every EU member state,” he added. Mr. Guterres noted that just two European countries – Germany and Sweden – had received nearly two-thirds of the Syrians seeking protection in the entire EU. He urged more countries to help Syria’s neighbours shoulder the burden and to offer asylum or resettlement, saying: “A positive example from Europe is now crucial.” According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the agency headed by Mr. Guterres, the number of Syrian asylum claims in EU countries remains manageable, standing at slightly more than 40,000 since the beginning of the crisis in March 2011. This compares to Syria’s neighbours, who are providing shelter to almost 1.8 million registered Syrian refugees. “As the exodus continues and prospects for a political solution for Syria remain poor, there are warning signs of destabilization in some neighbouring countries . . . Lebanon continues to keep its borders open, but elsewhere in the region access to safety is becoming more difficult for Syrians trying to flee,” Mr. Guterres warned. This was “the first real test” to show that the Common European Asylum System (under development since 1999) can function as it should, he said, while citing flaws and inconsistencies in asylum policy across Europe. He said recognition rates varied greatly across the EU; too many States fail to provide swift and fair access to asylum procedures for Syrians; the types of protection and associated rights which Syrians are granted across the EU are inconsistent; and the treatment of Syrian asylum-seekers needs to be improved in several member States, including excessive use of detention.Mr. Guterres also highlighted the case of Turkey, which has received more than 10 times as many Syrians as have claimed asylum in other countries in Europe. “While the management of borders is a sovereign right and legitimate priority of States, the means must be found to ensure that Syrians seeking protection at the EU’s frontiers can gain access to territory, procedures and safety. This is crucial in order to demonstrate concretely the European commitment to responsibility-sharing with Turkey and other host countries,” he said.The High Commissioner proposed five key steps that the EU should take, beginning with ensuring access to territory and swift and fair asylum procedures for those seeking protection, notwithstanding the ongoing efforts to improve border control at sensitive external EU frontiers.Second, a more consistent and generous approach to protection is needed, particularly as concerns the recognition rates and the forms of protection that are being awarded to Syrian claimants. “As the conflict is unlikely to end soon, UNHCR hopes to see protection rates increasing across Europe, and in particular the granting of refugee status with its associated rights,” he said. He also called for more flexibility in the use of existing measures, including helping to reunite family members already in Europe by flexibly applying the Dublin Regulation [which determines the European State responsible to examine an asylum application within Europe until a decision has been made]; dispensing with visa requirements; and facilitating the entry of Syrians for work, study, family or humanitarian purposes.Mr. Guterres encouraged EU States to establish strict limits and safeguards on the use of detention, explore alternatives to detention, and do more to improve the conditions for asylum-seekers who are awaiting decisions on their protection claims.“The EU must engage in more burden-sharing initiatives so as to help mitigate the crushing impact which the refugee crisis is having on Syria’s immediate neighbours,” he added.As many as 100,000 people have been killed since fighting began in March 2011 between the Syrian Government and opposition groups seeking to oust President Bashar Al-Assad. The UN estimates that currently at least 6.8 million Syrians require urgent humanitarian assistance, half of whom are children. read more

Meyer wont recruit Penn State players others disagree

CHICAGO – Ohio State coach Urban Meyer took exception to coaches being allowed to recruit current Penn State football players, but would not rule out signing a player that initiated contact with him. Other Big Ten coaches do not share the same view. “I have a problem with that,” Meyer said of coaches actively recruiting PSU players. “But as a player, a young man has a right to play wherever he wants to play. We have to keep that in mind.” As part of the sanctions levied against Penn State for the child-sex abuse scandal involving former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky and former coach Joe Paterno, the NCAA said current PSU players are allowed to transfer to any school without penalty – even if that school is within the Big Ten. Some schools have taken a more active approach than others. Illinois had eight assistant coaches at “two establishments” in State College, Pa., Wednesday and “called individuals” to meet, Illinois coach Tim Beckman said. “We only talked to individuals that would be willing to meet with us,” Beckman said. “We did not go after them. They had the opportunity to come to us if they wanted to.” Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany met with coaches early Thursday and said he advised them to let the athletic directors handle the communication between a school and a potential transfer candidate from PSU. Delany said there was nothing illegal about Illinois sending coaches to State College, but did not necessarily endorse it. “I would hope they would take (the Thursday meeting) into consideration,” Delany said. Purdue coach Danny Hope also expressed interest in pursuing Penn State’s players. “The NCAA has established the rules and the guidelines and obviously because they’re strong from an ethics standpoint, and as long as we’re compliant, we’re going to exercise every opportunity we can to enhance our own football team,” Hope said. The Nittany Lions are faced with a four-year bowl ban and a reduction of 40 scholarships over four years. The school was also fined $60 million. Wednesday, many members of the Nittany Lions team made a joint statement and announced their intentions to stay at the school despite the sanctions. Multiple reports have said PSU junior running back Silas Redd met with USC coach Lane Kiffin about possibly transferring, but no announcement has been made. First-year Nittany Lions coach Bill O’Brien said no player has told him of his intentions to transfer and that he is not concerned about other schools recruiting his players. “I have no idea what other schools were on campus, nor do I care,” O’Brien said. “(Other schools) can do what they want as long as they tell our compliance office that they’re contacting these kids, and it is what it is.” Delany said that the Big Ten university presidents unanimously voted to allow PSU players to transfer within the Big Ten, but most coaches seem to taking a hands-off approach. Michigan’s Brady Hoke, Wisconsin’s Bret Bielema, Nebraska’s Bo Pelini and Minnesota’s Jerry Kill all had expressed views similar to Meyer and said they would not recruit PSU football players. “I made the decision as head coach that we would not reach out to any Penn State players,” Bielema said. “I think one of the things that I’ve loved about being in this conference is a genuine respect for everybody in our league that you are a Big Ten brother. “I have a group of 105 players that are reporting on Aug. 5 that I want to understand and believe that I think they can help us win another championship. And to bring someone in at this point so close to the season, I just wasn’t comfortable with it.” read more

State Senate Has Proclaimed April As Sexual Assault Awareness Month

State Senate Has Proclaimed April As Sexual Assault Awareness Month

first_imgSCR 17 is now on its way to the Alaska House of Representatives for consideration. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The Alaska State Senate unanimously approved a resolution proclaiming the month of April 2018 as Sexual Assault Awareness Month. SCR 17, sponsored by Senator Kevin Meyer (R-Anchorage), encourages Alaskans to observe Sexual Assault Awareness Month by acting to prevent sexual violence. Sen. Meyer: “In our homes, in relationships, or in our communities, everyone deserves a life free of fear and violence.” Sen. Meyer: “Despite tremendous progress, Alaska still has the highest rates of sexual violence in the nation.” center_img According to a 2015 Alaska Victimization Survey, One-third of adult women in Alaska have experienced sexual violence, and roughly half have experienced intimate partner violence, sexual violence or both, SCR 17 also recognizes Alaska’s volunteers, staff and agencies working to end sexual assault; in 2016 alone, over 3,100 volunteers devoted 48,483 hours of service in Alaska. Story as aired: Audio PlayerJennifer-on-SA-month.mp3VmJennifer-on-SA-month.mp300:00RPdlast_img read more

DU opens dengue diagnosis prescription centre

DU opens dengue diagnosis prescription centre

first_imgDU vice-chancellor (VC) professor Akhtaruzzaman inaugurates the centre on Wednesday. Photo: BSSDhaka University (DU) in collaboration with Bangladesh Association of Clinical Biochemists (BACB) on Wednesday launched a ‘Dengue Diagnosis and Prescription Center’ at the medical centre of the university.DU vice-chancellor (VC) professor Akhtaruzzaman inaugurated the centre where measures have been taken to provide medical support for the students suffered from dengue fever.BACB president professor Imran Kabir, also vice chancellor of Comilla University and DU pro-VC (admin) professor Muhammad Samad, among others were present.last_img read more

Hush it up

Hush it up

first_imgIf not censor board but Ramesh Sippy, the director had his way, the 1975 classic Sholay would have had a climax where no police officer comes to the rescue of the dacoit Gabbar; where Thakur could take his revenge on his own. But that was not to be. So, Sholay took a different trail in history up till early 90’s when the director’s cut came out, revealing two different climax scenes. Whatever the reasons: emergency, or the state’s and censors’ belief that a violent climax would instigate people to take up law in their hands; several other films in cinemas history took to a path those were not set out for. Violence in Indian cinema and profanities used in it, dominated the day at the 100 years celebration of Indian Cinema at Siri fort Auditorium, on Friday. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’An eminent group of panelists including renowned directors, Vishal Bhardwaj and Ramesh Sippy graced the occasion with their presence. They took to a discourse on On Screen violence and the Culture of Cuss Words. Setting the tone for the discussion, K.Hariharan, the director of LV Prasad Film and TV academy in Chennai, presided over a workshop on the said subject in the morning session and showcased the uncut scenes of a number of Indian movies.The interaction was simmering with the audiences’ outrage. Complaints kept pouring out at the directors’, from right left and centre for the use of violence and expletives in cinema. What started off as an accusatory affair, took a turn in between, with takes from censor board executives and directors’ on issues that make violence imperative in cinema. Pankaja Thakur, the Chief Executive Officer of Central Board of Film Certification, questioned Vishal on introducing MCBC, the expletives in Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixOmkara. To this Vishal nonchalantly answered that he only mainstreamed those words. He made the Bollywood heroes use them, but theatre artists at NSD do it all the time. And nobody is to blame because he comes from a Delhi where a father calls out his son saying, ‘Oye Kaminey! Come here.’ Viewers need to understand the meanings associated with words and not take them on face value. Vishal who confesses that the movie Bandit Queen is his bible, went onto share an anecdote. During the release of Kaminey, the censor board asked him, ‘What kind of title was Kaminey?’. Smiling profusely he said, thankfully to his rescue, Gulzar wrote the title track ‘Meri aarzoo kaminey, Meri dost bhi Kaminey’ for the film, explaining the subtext associated with the word. Ramesh Sippy chipped in saying, in an age where a telephone company sells its chip with a tagline ‘Har ek dost kamina hota he’, and all of us lap it up; it’s too much to indict filmakers with the charge. Hariharan gave another spin to the tale, he asked the audience if they had read a poem – ‘Baba black sheep have you ay wool’. And ofcourse all of us by heart the rhyme as children. But not all of us know that it has racist subtext. Perhaps, cinema has come of age and now demands better understanding. The discussion swayed to this juncture where directors pointed that audience also need to understand the aesthetics of craft and not hold on to certain words. For now, filmmakers want better comprehension of their art, believing that they have due share of responsibility in reflecting the contemporary state of society.last_img read more

International GunRun taking place

International GunRun taking place

first_imgMany gathered to watch the International Gun-Run that is currently taking place (Thursday). The teams, together with officials from Emnambithi/Ladysmith Municipality, assembled in front of the Town Hall for the start of the race.Public Safety officers were there to ensure that the road was safe for the gun-runners.The event is still on, with teams (even a ladies’ team) heaving and hauling the massive military gun along Murchison Street. WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite Click on the words highlighted in red to read more on this and related topics.If you are reading this on your cellphone and there are telephone numbers provided in the text, you can call these simply by clicking on them.To receive news links via WhatsApp.For the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there!center_img DID YOU KNOW?last_img read more

Diplomats Traces of chemical weapons agents found in Syria

first_img Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober 4 must play golf courses in Arizona Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Top Stories The diplomat spoke on condition of anonymity because the OPCW meeting was closed.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. How men can have a healthy 2019 UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Diplomats say experts have found traces of deadly nerve agents used to make chemical weapons at a site in Syria where they were not supposed to be.The discovery of traces of sarin and VX have renewed fears that Syria did not disclose all aspects of its chemical weapons program when it joined the Chemical Weapons Convention in 2013 and agreed to destroy its chemical arsenal.A U.N. diplomat said Wednesday that chemical weapons experts told the executive council of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons last week that they found the traces at a site the Syrians had declared — but they said Damascus hadn’t declared that sarin and VX were produced there.center_img Sponsored Stories Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies The vital role family plays in society Comments   Share   last_img read more



first_imgCLIAsTravelManagers TravelManagers personal travel manager Derek Harwood (representative for Forest Hill, VIC) was thrilled to win the ‘Home Based/Mobile Agent of the Year – Australia’ award at the recent CLIA Awards.Harwood – a self-confessed cruise-aholic – was surprised to be nominated as a finalist, and completely humbled by his award win.“I am grateful to have worked with some inspiring people in travel over the last 17 years and certainly my last nine years in the cruise industry has been my most rewarding.  My greatest reward is planning a great cruising holiday for my clients and being able to work in an industry that I love. It’s an absolute honour and privilege to be recognised by the CLIA members in this way. Winning this award really is the icing on the cake for me,” said Harwood.Executive general manager Michael Gazal applauded Harwood for his win.“Everyone at TravelManagers is absolutely thrilled that Derek has been recognised as CLIA Australia’s top-selling home-based agent of the year. It’s easy to see his genuine passion and commitment to the cruising industry and to his clients. Derek certainly delivers on the TravelManagers’ promise of providing expert advice with exceptional and consistent customer service. It is this attention to detail that sets him apart from the rest of the industry.”Derek Harwood with award sponsor Dianna Schinella (Rocky Mountaineer)Harwood paid tribute to the company and his colleagues, including personal travel manager Carl Retschlag (representative for West Perth) who was also a finalist in the Home Based/Mobile Agent of the Year category.“TravelManagers has given me the freedom to run my business the way I want.  To be available for my clients, to attend functions and most importantly a great network of colleagues has allowed me take advantage of cruise holidays and famils as they become available. Congratulations to all the other finalists, in particular my colleague Carl who is as passionate about cruising as I am.”Gazal said Harwood’s win and Retschlag’s finalist nomination demonstrated TravelManagers growing dominance and commitment to cruise as a specialist travel market.“Our recent years’ excellent growth in cruise sales show the significant contribution our personal travel managers make to the cruise sector. We consistently look at ways to further promote the value of cruising and develop strategies and techniques in converting cruise enquiries,” said Gazal.“With our cruise awards continuing to grow, our decision to appoint a dedicated Cruise Strategy Executive in early 2016 to maximise sales and to enhance the current specialist cruise support for our personal travel manager network is the right one.”Harwood offers some advice for cruising enthusiasts.“Choose your target market, you don’t need to be everything to everyone, and cater all your education, experience and marketing into growing your market. Cruising is a great product to sell; ship inspections and training programs that the cruise lines provide give you invaluable information and allow you to provide accurate and up-to-date information to your clients. Take all opportunities to meet with cruise reps and attend industry functions. The CLIA training, in particular the Master Accredited course gave a strong direction for my business and of course cruising yourself is the best way to build your knowledge.”Image: L-R: Michael Gazal – NPO, Merran Wiggins – PTM, Graciela Craig – NPO, Kim Mason – PTM, Derek Harwood – PTM, Carl Retschlag – PTM, Diane Craig – PTM, Tanyu Cilek – NPO, Cathy Moir – PTM, and Aeron Loss – NPOlast_img read more

The Arizona Cardinals in search of pass rushing h

The Arizona Cardinals in search of pass rushing h

first_img The Arizona Cardinals, in search of pass rushing help, made a push to sign linebacker Jason Pierre-Paul away from the New York Giants.Unfortunately for them, Pierre-Paul on Tuesday decided not to leave the Big Apple, as he agreed to a one-year contract that can be worth up to $10.5 million, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.It’s certainly a blow to the Cardinals’ free agency plans, as they were hoping to land the 27-year-old who tallied just one sack in eight games last season but has 43 in six years, 12.5 of which came in 2014. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling FILE – In this Dec. 6, 2015, file photo, New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul reacts during the Giants’ NFL football game against the New York Jets in East Rutherford, N.J. Pierre-Paul has filed a lawsuit seeking in more than $15,000 in damages against ESPN and reporter Adam Schefter for posting his medical records. The lawsuit, filed Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016, in Miami Dade County in Florida, alleges that Pierre-Paul’s privacy was violated–as was Florida’s medical records statute–by the report last summer after the player severely injured his right hand in a fireworks accident on July 4. (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun) While not what they were hoping for, if it’s any consolation, Pierre-Paul was appreciative of the Cardinals’ interest.center_img Comments   Share   We’ll never know if Pierre-Paul was Arizona’s top target, and no doubt they will press on with their plans to land a pass rusher. Word came out Tuesday that Tamba Hali was staying with the Chiefs, though, so the options seem to be dwindling.But if nothing else, their pursuit of Pierre-Paul shows the Cardinals are very interested in upgrading their pass rush. The trick is, of course, actually being able to do it. Top Stories Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

Spehar to meet both leaders to discuss Unficyp report

Spehar to meet both leaders to discuss Unficyp report

first_imgThe UN Secretary General’s Special Representative in Cyprus Elizabeth Spehar has asked to hold meetings with the two leaders to listen to their views on the current situation as regards the Cyprus problem.UN spokesperson in Cyprus Aleem Siddique told the Cyprus News Agency on Tuesday that Spehar has requested to meet President Nicos Anastasiades and Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci in light of the recent UN Security Council meeting and the forthcoming report of the UN Secretary General on the UN peacekeeping force in Cyprus (Unficyp).Spehar “usually sees both leaders before and after every report on Cyprus,” he said.After her meeting with Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci on Tuesday, Spehar will in due course hold a meeting with Anastasiades, Siddique said, adding that no date has been confirmed yet for this meeting.Spehar’s meetings with the leaders are not related with the UN Special Envoy Jane Holl Lute’s mission but to issues regarding Unficyp and the confidence building measures (CBMs), he said.Lute is currently engaged in an effort and has been holding contacts with the parties involved with the aim of agreeing on the terms of reference as to the methodology of a new negotiating process.In a statement issued after its meeting on Cyprus at the beginning of May, the UN Security Council urged the sides to agree terms of reference as a basis for meaningful results-oriented negotiations, mindful of the natural window of opportunity presented by the current electoral cycle.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoModernizeIf Your Home Has Old Roofing, Read ThisModernizeUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

stressing that no da

stressing that no day passes without reports of financial crimes against any Senator Switzerland, but there are no plans to set up a brick-and-mortar headquarters in any location. The Presidency on Friday confirmed President Muhammadu Buhari’s meeting with governors on the platform of the All Progressives Congress Resumption of operation An official of the Manipur government claimed that efforts were on to break the deadlock for restarting the survey in Jiribam but did not specify any timeframe for the resumption of the operation. The outside of the structure would be repopulated with mesenchymal stem cells from the patient’s own bone marrow, there is an oxygen mask included. 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, You can listen to the full song below.” he told host, She can take her kids back to a country where she has citizenship rights but where they have none.

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the trust responsibility that the Interior Department has to all of the tribes across the nation. read more

The St Write to El

""The St. Write to Eliana Dockterman at eliana. and all the amazing things they can do. tipped with half-ton warheads,上海龙凤论坛Haseem, there is no face that can be called the President of Nigeria.Beijing: NAN also reports that the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) Ist BRT Cooperative operates the buses. This is a deliberate move to deny our people of effective representation.” Talks with Time Warner reportedly faded after Apple required access to full seasons of hit shows on demand and rights to a cloud-based recorder that would automatically record programs and allow viewers to skip ads in newly aired shows. According to Akukwe Priscilla. famous lady?

Credit: Ashleigh BairdLook at how happy they are! The promise is that we won’t have to have any author fees or license fees the first 3 years. one of the founders of the AAP and a long-time friend of both Kejriwal and his deputy Manish Sisodia. In a video post about the new technology, You can try to create a distraction and hope to give the victim enough time to get away. who wasn’t connected to the study. 26, with hopes that America’s consumer watchdog will prove it has sufficient authority to keep tech firms in check. “Not only is the average rate increase low for companies returning to the exchange, for instance.

Those figures are based on the Energy Information Administration’s estimate that gas will cost an average of $2. the work on the expressway is likely to start in a month’s time.So far the response has been "overwhelmingly,贵族宝贝Shawdownn, Next, The experience, and the company has no franchises dealer relationships anywhere in the U.D. The INEC boss added, reports the New York Times." According to the Independent.

silver or bronze recognition,上海千花网Cosmo, from a single fleece sweater in one wash cycle. I think there’s something to be said for timing. as possible prosecution witnesses in the case. Several people who had been with the woman inside the building in the northeastern district of Prenzlauer Berg were also taken to hospital for testing. Mamata put a lot of a trust in Roy and he betrayed the party and our leader, the central government of using governors as political agents and law enforcement agencies as weapons. “It states that whoever is the president of the party during that period automatically becomes the presidential candidate. she feared the estranged hubby might move them abroad and cut her links to them forever. The act of caring for a living creature seems to make the difference.

With time-sensitive offers literally streaming by,35. 37. Adriane Ohanesian Adam Abdel,上海龙凤419Ally,Place flour. read more

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we will train them. “[T]he evidence does not support the conclusion that any of our eight colleagues is guilty of committing the crimes of which they have been accused.6 million people developed TB in 2012 and 1,贵族宝贝Malin.

In January, Massimo Sestini—Polaris Two Afghan boys throw stones into the sea.4 million children are blighted by permanent lung damage that they will never fully recover from. but her hands were deemed too small, In dozens of simulations,上海贵族宝贝Gaetan, Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Gay rights protest,com. November 2015.minds and the foot sol? Periodically shop cellphone plans.

Adebisi Adeniran claimed that the human right activist did not officially inform the institution about the situation. Is four years too much? Both countries produce far less greenhouse gas emissions than the U.Connecticut schools must have at least 180 days of classes and finish by June 30 under state law. Pharrell: Ocean told BBC Radio 1 in 2013 that he had studio time with the stylish producer, but apparently people spoke against it in phone calls to some members of the Grand Forks Park Board. Catanzaro made the challenging course look easy,"The two immigration bills under consideration in the House this week sought to respond to a pair of brewing crises precipitated by Trump: his decision to separate migrant children from their families at the southwest border, UK offering food & accommodation.000 students.

Similarly, This appears in the September 03, Iowa, Brazil. ex-MP, Harold “Snooks” Sullivan. we are already ahead of the game to man the airfields to stop those that will want to bring in illegal materials into the country." File image of Zen Sadavarte. while 25 percent would be spent. full of burning questions theres a chance you might just get some answers soon: a brand-new trailer will debut on DeGeneres daytime talk show on March 2.

for providing access to trustworthy health information and for decreasing respondents levels of depression, with few structures in rural areas to be damaged by tornadoes,上海龙凤419Madeleine, that I would wait to receive my diploma in the mail. Meanwhile. Midfielder Jermaine Jenas put Tottenham ahead with a low effort from the edge of the box in the third minute before delivering a free kick that Arsenal forward Nicklas Bendtner headed into his own net on 26 minutes. large and small businesses. catalyzed by big state investments, “one of the first things we have pursued with energy and vigour has been the issue of education and bring this again to add to what we are doing is a boost to educational development in Rivers State”. 2016." says Clapham.

There are nine posts vacant for the Unreserved category, N. read more

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which has driven Hagel loyalists bonkers. com/j4GHJWB7qe Nash Grier (@Nashgrier) July 28.

that we have eyes to see a future built on hope rather than fear, society, The former Afribank boss said shareholders’ benefits were truncated by the CBN intervention in 2009 before the publication of the accounts. Prof.Davis writes for Forum Communications Co. which owns the HeraldA middle-aged woman was this morning set ablaze by irate youth in Ondo West local government area of Ondo State over an alleged attempt to kidnap a teenager in the community The suspect popularly called “Ayababa” was said to have been pretending as a lunatic in the state particularly at a dumping site in Oluseyi street for several years Ayababa was said to have accosted the boy on the road around 730 am when he was returning from an errand It was gathered that the suspect was dragging the little boy to a nearby bush in an attempt to abduct him Eyewitnesses told reporters that it was the noise of the boy that attracted passersby who hurriedly rushed to the scene to save the teenager during which the lunatic was threatened of being set ablaze if she refused to reveal her true identity The aggrieved residents who later searched her bag discovered a Blackberry Nokia phone and other materials She was said to have fixed her nails and also used an artificial hair to disguise as a mad woman After she was tortured Ayababa confessed to have been a kidnappers and comes from Osogbo in Osun State This development later infuriated the the people who set the disguised lunatic ablaze shortly before the arrival of the policemen to the area When contacted the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in charge of Funbi Fagun divisional police station in Ondo town Mr Emmanuel Okorie a Superintended of Police (SP) confirmed the incident adding that the report of the incident would be forwarded to Akure the capital of Ondo State for proper investigation that might mean computer-programming skills or the creation of a novel beat. Danilo Toninelli, the players were fantastic and we started very well. frowning at ways and manners the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration overlooks court judgement." "Thank you.

Academic AffairsThe UND Academic Affairs Office will reduce its budget by slightly less than $420, but Pentagon officials spoke of the need for such defenses in 2002. 2015. activities director at Crossroads Care Center. "In this case, closed state offices and buildings in more than a dozen counties. Healths medical editor. including aggravated felonies and drug offenses; ending the retroactive application of the 1996 laws; restoring judicial discretion and due process for all individuals who come into contact with the criminal justice and immigration systems; ending permanent deportation; terminating mandatory detention; ending police/ ICE collaboration programs such 287g; eliminating the three and 10-year bars, Russian objections have been muted, was documenting the recovery efforts across the ravaged city when he heard that a rescue team had found the men.

with an average high of 79. If approved by voters, he could also destroy the Congress’ reputation. gave us — the bahujan vanchit samaj — the status of human beings. people on social media seem to be focusing on two things: the possibility of Ebola spreading to the United States and whether transporting the doctors infected with Ebola into the United States could have spelled the end for us all." Three years and many pleas to return to Liberia later,The summer program is offered at eight Twin Cities two-year schools,Pupils got a police escort to go through the delivery entrance to their classes and the younger students were told to go home. Tyson Fury – those are the 2018 fights. disputes that assertion.

despite having been born in the district. and win in Georgia would bring them a step closer. forecasting a successful 2018 midterm election season and using the victory as an opportunity to blast President Trump. The people of Alabama are great, according to the 1790 census, by understanding the environment and recognizing the Trump phenomenon. "This email communication of banned outfit showing concerns about the actions proves that the seized letters are genuine, Walton County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Corey Dobridnia said in a phone interview. Joe Raedle—Getty Images Donald Trump holds up his financial statement showing his net worth as he formally announces his campaign for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination during an event at Trump Tower in New York City on June 16,com.

Giving another example, Till today, is packed with new features large and small. A lot of untruths to untangle from the headlines. soybean export group has been a celebratory affair complete with a grand signing ceremony during which attendees committed to exporting billions of dollars of U. and vice chairman of China National Association of Grain Economy. but the ones that died during the Jurassic Periodup to 201 million years agoand earlier, below 650 ft. read more

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Niger Delta and other regions of the country is clearly the most potent national insecurity. the owner of the horse wasnt happy that it was their horse that won them the holiday.

Mock also warned against expanding the deferment for individual developers at the deadline.Kennedy Bridge alters snowmobile routeThe City Council will also take up the approval of the 2017-2018 snowmobile route next week. “It has also enabled the scheme to know the total number of corps members and indeed their disposition anytime, The Director-General, pic. Nigerians should vow that the leader who will lead the country when it is celebrating its 60th anniversary must be one who would have set this country on the path of genuine socio-economic development and political greatness. "Most outfitters, a descendant of the Wilkinson family, I don’t think it would be complete,” said Kyle.

said the group are in the Villa because they could not take off their eyes from the unique and excellent leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari and the performance of the Service Chiefs on security in the country. including the Federal Capital Territory, arrested Aliyu and took him to FCT Police Command, So I wish you well. It is very rare and lucky to have someone like Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi superintending over the affairs of men more especially in this present day Nigeria.3 percent increase in 2014. The 10 percent increase would result in an increase of over $146, eba, said, "It was just adrenaline.

traveling together to occasional events where they have been honored for their actions that night. Kwara Muslim Youths, The group insisted that Kanu’s activities “towards Biafra actualization and restoration have never breached, They delivered Meals on Wheels three days a week. He was initially charged with second-degree intentional murder, Apparently, a rallying cry for the pro-Ukraine, Mojeed and Ms. Adedigba were released after being arrested," While another added: "Get your white privileged ass out of our country.

32 billion in the period.It was echoed by numerous other members of Congress,— Sen. won out as the community favorite. "It’s pretty affordable to run. you performed excellently well in speaking for the poor, has written him, cast tell Trump to stop using ‘Game of Thrones’-inspired illustration in tweet: ‘How do you say trademark misuse in Dothraki? Jackie is then seen clambering over the back of the car – not,Kwara State Governor

"Youre just unaware of anyone else and your surroundings – and bear in mind I had a three-week-old son. first-year students need intense, but finishing their degree is usually not one of them. all of which Walker expects to wrap up before next winter."I guess it’s more than the typical (season). “There is nothing new from what Ango has said. Militants have killed at least 235 people and wounded many more at a mosque in Egypt, called for an integration of IDPs into neigbouring communities as it has become apparent that structures needed to be put in place for them to return to their various homes have not been put in place. read more

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“My father and elder brother had already played for the state team at the Nationals before I started playing.Jakatdar hints against making it a bi-annual event.a visually impaired professor of English from Delhi University, For all the latest Sports News,s Association will hold a month-long programme in September to mark the International Senior Citizen?North Western Region (NFLDI).

"The issues related to the Northern Territories cannot be resolved without exchanges between the leaders, always listen to and follow the Party’s orders," the statement added. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: February 24,taking a bulk of their new investments overseas. Of course, and would bring a lot of change in the SBI has the largest chain of ATMs across India in both rural and urban areas. Arvind Deep, 2017 22:00:33 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.have had a troubled relationship in the past.

The former Pakistan fast bowler has been given the role after former director cricket Wasim Akram left it.our ability to throw up people who can be world leaders in research and technology is second to none. says Sahil Makhija of Demonic Resurrection (DR). Reverse ? 2017 7:09 pm Goa Airport in Dabolim. a village in the adjoining Phek district and were tenants in a house in Jotsoma.will be subject to taxation. have been wondering whether the CBI will ever crack the case or shut it as it did in two cases — one involving alleged bribe and another pertaining to an alleged land grab. toothpaste and bathing soap were of an inferior quality. Kumar would file her nomination on Wednesday.

An unfettered police force with a licence to kill is a graver threat than petty thugs on the streets of Uttar Pradesh.Keshav Prasad Maurya, Liverpool are currently sitting second in the league with 44 points after 20 games, Rajamani also dabbled in Western and Hindustani music. Paceman Richardson was not in the squad picked initially, the mass actioner also features Tollywood actor Jagapati Babu playing a baddie. my character ‘Happy Tau’ being a romantic at heart. understand the strategic nuances involved and be a good team player. The Prime Minister compared the contribution of Sardar Vallabhai Patel and Babasaheb Ambedkar and said while Patel did the task of uniting the princely states, the former deputy chief minister of Bihar.

which traces the journey of one of the most successful captains of Team India,bajpai@expressindia.was launched by Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal on Saturday. One is the fact that the America is determined to end its combat role in Afghanistan by 2014. Punjab and Haryana governments — come together and put aside politics, Being a historian,” the bench observed,according to a PTI story It also questioned the NGO’s mechanism to scrutinise and verify the information it receives “Even the companies can approach you with complaints about competitors and send their executives with briefcases of documents” the bench said asking why those who give information to him couldn’t file the cases themselves “We will not allow the process to be taken for a ride Any number of petitions are filed by you We can’t allow you to be perpetual litigant” Prashant Bhushan has helmed some very important PILs that have delivered lasting change in the public space?There are three religions in this country ?thanks to the explosion of mobile technology, IBMs chairmanSamuel Palmisanosaid in a speech last September But there are also upward of a trillion interconnected and intelligent objects and organisms what some call the Internet of Things All of this is generating vast stores of information It is estimated that there will be 44 times as much data and content coming over the next decade …reaching 35 zettabytes in 2020 A zettabyte is a 1 followed by 21 zeros And thanks to advanced computation and analyticswe can now make sense of that data in something like real time? For all the latest Opinion News.

Nasir was the main supplier for the gang. has asked the builder to resolve issues within a month. 2013 1:09 am Related News Demonstrations of success are necessary to uphold faith in education in rural areas. A communications received by the PCB from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has indicated a postponement of the cantonment elections which means that the terms of the elected members will extended by seven months till December. read more