Being Creative With Curated Content

first_img“We’re not databasing all of their content,” he says. “We monitor their website for changes, and what we database is the delta. Anyone can go to a law firm’s website and see how many partners are there. The value is in knowing how that’s different from last week. It’s not relevant unless there’s analysis behind it.”ALM’s analysis is in the aggregate. A customizable dashboard sits behind the news feed that allows users to quantify industry trends with sortable lists. The company added a data visualization component in January with charts and graphs.The Human ElementWhile RivalEdge can be fully automated, there’s value in maintaining a human layer. Categorizing a large portion of any industry en masse would be a challenge for a software program, Iredell says, especially in a segment like legal services that has its own non-standardized jargon.“You have one law firm that’s ‘copyright and patent,’ and another whose practice area is ‘intellectual property,’” he says. “They’re really the same thing, but you’re not going to get a hit when you try to do an apples-to-apples comparison or a Google search on those particular keywords.”ALM editorial staff sifted through about 1,000 practice areas, paring them down to 27 before automating the search process from there. That formula is present throughout RivalEdge. There isn’t an editorial slant to ALM’s curation, but the human element is an integral piece. Editors ultimately determine what gets distributed and databased.ALM also provides a crowdsourcing admin tool for subscribers to request coverage of a specific firm or area of practice. Staff will review and add the request within 24 hours. Close to 20 percent of the 750 firms the platform monitors came this way, Iredell says. SIDEBARCuration: Identifying the right usesZiff Davis uses curation in the more traditional editorial sense, finding and linking to stories across the web from its own homepages, but its managed to improve traffic back to its own sites by leading with original, high-value content.Used primarily by the publisher’s tech-focused b-to-b brands, Ziff Davis has used the PublishThis platform to boost return visits to its sites by 105x.Steve Horowitz, COO of Ziff Davis, attributes that growth directly to the increased volume of content his team is able to put up now.The key to quality growth has been in recognizing how to leverage the platform appropriately. News is usually curated at the bottom of the page on a rapid daily cycle, while enterprise articles sit above, refreshed on more of a weekly basis. In-depth whitepapers are above that, with community posts, “popular” items and promotions alongside.While the numbers are up as a whole, that specificity can make comparisons between the sections difficult. There are a variety of expectations associated with each of those types of stories.“The content is a little too different to say we’re seeing interaction with one more than another,” he says. “We’d expect engagement with [news, articles and whitepapers] to be different.” The argument for content curation has always been one of efficiency. It allows you to cover more ground, in less time.Companies are finding opportunities to get creative with the process though as more media bring some form of curation into their mix and it officially becomes part of a new content troika, along with original and user-generated streams. ALM has had success bringing curation to its legal intelligence database. The company acquired the “listening” platform RivalEdge for an undisclosed amount in September as its first purchase under new CEO Bill Carter.Like a traditional curation service, RivalEdge draws information from the open web and distributes it to a base of readers—a subscriber base of law firms who pay about $20,000 per year, in ALM’s case. Unlike most curation services, ALM records and catalogs that information. They aren’t logging everything though, says Kevin Iredell, vice president of research and continuing education products for ALM, just the changes.last_img read more

Quinhagak Residents Hopeful Hair Samples Will Unlock More Mysteries About Ancestors

first_imgKYUK reporters visited the Nunalleq archeological site in August. KYUK’s Shane Iverson and Charles Enoch contributed to this report. The Nunalleq archeological dig near Quinhagak in August, 2014. (Photo by Charles Enoch, KYUK – Bethel)An archaeological dig near Quinhagak, in Southwest Alaska, contributed the largest set of genetic samples for a groundbreaking DNA study of Arctic indigenous people released this summer.Download AudioThe study answers longstanding questions about migrations of the ancient Alaska Native people, on the state’s west coast and the local people hope to learn even more about their own ancestors.The project, called Nunalleq, meaning ‘old village’, is located five miles outside Quinhagak. Dr. Rick Knecht is an ararchaeologist with the University of Aberdeen in Scotland who manages the dig. He says permafrost at the ancient Yup’ik village of Araliq, preserved artifacts up to 700-years-old made of wood and leather that normally would have disintegrated.Knecht says that most sites in the Lower 48 provide just ‘stones and bones’, but at the Araliq site they get, “Things like utensils that people used in their daily lives. We get bentwood bowls and scoops. We get ul’us with the handles still on them. We get grass baskets for example, complete grass baskets and woven mats. We’re getting things like weapons and kayak parts, masks and artwork, things that you normally just see in museums. And these all date from between about 1400 and 1600 AD.”And hundreds of hair samples Knecht says, likely clippings from haircuts were also preserved at the site. Some of those clippings contributed to the study of indigenous Alaskans that was featured in the journal, Science, this summer.“We contributed about 33 hair samples to the study and I think that’s more than any of the sites were able to produce. Just because of the extraordinary preservation here,” Knecht said. Dr. Rick Knecht at the Nunalleq dig site. (Photo courtesy of the University of Aberdeen)There were 169 samples analyzed in the study. The study, led by a group of Danish researchers revealed that the modern Inuit people, including those in Alaska are descended from the Thule, who developed around 700-hundred years ago, replacing an earlier population, the Paleo-Eskimos. The genetic evidence shows there was very little interbreeding, and that the Thule are the ancestors of the Yup’ik and Inupiat people living on Alaska’s west coast today.“We don’t know the origins of that, of what we call the Thule population or the Neo-Eskimos. But we do know that both in the archaeological evidence, both the artifacts and the genetics look very much alike, surprisingly so, on the two ends of the Arctic, which is the largest indigenous territory of any group in the world,” Knecht said.Knecht says the donation of the hair clippings from the Araliq site was the sole contribution for the study from Alaska.Warren Jones is the President of the village corporation in Quinhagak, Qanirtuuq Inc. He says they agreed to work with the archaeologists because they want to learn more about the people who they believe may be their ancestors.“The archaeologists know what they’re doing. And everything they dig out is going to be brought back to us. So it will be back here for our future, children, generations. Now our future kids, grandkids they’ll be able to see what our ancestors lived, how they lived, what they used, the tools they made. All the little stories are coming alive,” said Jones. Warren Jones talking to Quinhagak elder Paul Beebe. (Photo courtesy of Jacqueline Cleveland)Jones says the corporation is interested in comparing the DNA of the ancient people of Araliq with the modern residents of Quinhagak.“We might get to see who was related to the people of Araliq, that’s pretty cool,” said Jones.Jones says the corporation in Quinhagak eventually wants to develop ecotourism around the archaeological site, but rapid erosion at the site has made getting artifacts out a priority.Knecht says it requires a certain level of trust for Native people to allow genetic material to be released for studies, and the over the past five years of the project researchers from the University of Aberdeen and Native people in Quinhagak have built that trust.The project is funded by Qanirtuuq Inc. and through a $1.8 million grant from the UK-based Arts and Humanities Research Council.last_img read more

Congress party meeting held at Devarakonda will bounce back to

Congress party meeting held at Devarakonda will bounce back to

first_imgDevarakonda ( Nalgonda ): TPCC President and Nalgonda MP N Uttam Kumar Reddy stated that BJP-led Central government did nothing to Telangana in the past five years. On Wednesday , he participated as chief guest at Congress party meeting held at Devarakonda. Addressing the gathering, Uttam Kumar Reddy fired salvos against the NDA government for making wrong propaganda on first Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru and over deviating the facts of freedom struggle and sacrifices of real leaders . Describing BJP as communal party, he said that by adopting divide and rule policy saffron party wants to derive political mileage. Also Read – Techie strangled to death in Hyderabad Advertise With Us He predicted that Congress by will dethrone TRS and will bounce back to power in 2023 elections. He challenged BJP-led government to conduct probe with CBI over scams of TRS government. He demanded State government to implement Rs 1 lakh crop loan waiver promise to farmers on war-footing. He also demanded Central government to fulfil all the promises made in AP Reorganisation Bill. Party senior leader K Jana Reddy , former ZP Chairman Balu Naik and large number of party leaders and workers participated in the meeting.last_img read more

Baltimore 15 Minimum Wage on HoldFor Now

Baltimore 15 Minimum Wage on HoldFor Now

first_imgBaltimore City Council has finally decided – not to decide yet on the $15 an hour minimum wage. The Council voted 8(yes) 6(no) to 1(abstain) to send the bill back to committee this week. Council chair Bernard C. ”Jack” Young had just started a roll call vote on the bill when the bill’s sponsor, Mary Pat Clarke (District 14), stood to request that the legislation be sent back to committee.After the council meeting ended, Clarke explained to reporters that she had recently been contacted by the National League of the Blind and Disabled with concerns about the bill. She wanted to ensure the group had sufficient time to work through their issues with city council.But Clarke was also under no illusions about the uncertainty surrounding the bill’s chances for passage given the current city council. “The City Council is still divided,” said Young who unsuccessfully sought a compromise of $11.50 an hour.Clarke and City Council Labor Committee Chair, Robert Curran did not rule out waiting until the new Council session starts in December to re-introduce the legislation.last_img read more

LeBron Headed for a Ty Lue Reunion

LeBron Headed for a Ty Lue Reunion

first_imgLeBron headed for a Ty Lue reunionThe Lakers are all but eliminated from the playoffs after another disappointing home loss to the Clippers. Colin can confirm through his sources that Luke Walton will be fired when the season ends, and he’s also hearing that Ty Lue will likely be his replacement. It’s clear that Walton never had LeBron’s respect. Lue has. The Lakers need an overhaul, but it’s clear that they need a coach like Lue who knows how to handle James. Also:– Colin’s Lakers ‘Blame Pie’ and Top 10 Current NBA Players– Antonio Brown is acting like an NBA player Guests:Chris Broussard – FS1 NBA Analyst; Vernon Davis – Washington Redskins Tight End; Stephen Jackson – NBA Analyst and NBA Champion; DeAngelo Hall – FS1 NFL Analyst and former Pro Bowl cornerbacklast_img read more

How the UAEs New Minister of AI Views the Future Of Tech

first_imgFebruary 20, 2018 Enroll Now for Free Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. 5 min read Can you actually have a state “minister of artificial intelligence”? Yes: The United Arab Emirates has actually appointed one.Related: 5 Ways to Make AI Work for Your OrganizationHe is State Minister of AI Omar bin Sultan Al Olama. And, during an interview, he told me he is confident about the future of artificial intelligence in his desert nation and the civic benefits that will emerge from these advancements.Certainly, it’s common knowledge that the UAE is leading developments in artificial intelligence; and other governments are taking notice. Dubai is not only the home of the upcoming World Government Summit but also the nucleus of innovative projects, like the hyperloop located in a “Mars Science City,” and projects involving flying cars, jetpacks and renewable energy.In our interview, Olama spoke about the cutting-edge technologies he believes will launch the country, and possibly the world, into a golden age of technology.Where to beginWhere does a 27-year-old begin, in his effort to pioneer a new government system dedicated entirely to AI? Olama said he’s positive that artificial intelligence will prove an opportunity for the UAE rather than a challenge.”The second mandate,” Olama continued, “is to create the right ecosystem, to ensure that we can create homegrown talent that leads the discussion and development in the field of A.I. while also attracting the best of talent to the UAE from around the world.”Furthermore, my responsibilities include the advancement of adoption of AI technologies and systems in the government in ways that improve the lives of citizens, increase the efficiency of government, create a better and safer environment and give the UAE a competitive edge.”Olama also emphaized global communication about AI: He’s expected to stimulate the global discussion rregarding this technology, while also specifying the indicators governments need to look at so that future potentially catastrophic outcomes are averted.A voice for youth in the U.A.E.’s governmentIn this context, Olama’s ministry has been planning revolutionary projects to create a better life for its citizens — projects that support the development of locally born and bred AI systems. The ministry is working with local government to provide training data for these systems and to encourage other governments to follow in the technological advances the U.A.E. is creating.Related: Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg Are Arguing About AI — But They’re Both Missing the PointThe minister further commented on the actual launch of the AI Ministry, noting its focus on “sectors that . . .in the past might not have been obvious sectors for us regionally or globally. From airlines and airports to shipping ports to aluminum production, the UAE has always been at the forefront of making the most out of advantages,” the minister said.”Another fact is the agility of our government,” he added. “Our leadership has seen an importance in giving youth a voice of their own.Creating the ministry has strengthened this goal, whereby youth can see their own age group reprsented in the UAE cabinet. This “was a pioneering step that many countries and international organizations applaud,” Olama said. “Establishing a position for minister of state for AI came as a direct decision based on the opportunities and challenges that A.I. was forecasted to have on governments around the world.”Olama said he’s excited about the monumental opportunities for other governments and AI. There’s potential for growth, he said, in improved education, preventive health care and safer roads and cities, along with great economic advantages. The U.A.E.’s ministry has a broad opportunity to create groundbreaking opportunities to change the world, and capitalize on global advancement, he said.”The growth and rise of nations in the past was seen through two variables: talent and resources,” Olama said. “The more talent that a country has, the more that it can create; and the more that it can develop, and the more resources that the country has, the more it can deploy and the faster it can develop.”Now, imagine: If the number of talent is bigger in a country compared to another, the advantage of that country over the other is much wider. It is much more probable that Country X can create a talent pool of 30 million people out of its 1.4 billion population, compared to Country Y for example, which has a population of around 40 million.”Now, what if the number of a country’s population did not matter as much because it can leverage digital and artificial talent through AI? What if we had one system that can outsmart a thousand Nobel laureates and can help invent and create? We would no longer need to focus on quantity; we would look to focus on the development of this system. Similar systems can be deployed to continuously improve education and the methods of delivering knowledge to students; it can help develop cures for incurable diseases while also supporting in preventing illness.”The upcoming SummitSo, what can be expected from this year’s Summit in regards to future AI projects? Olama was confident about the summit’s aim to bring together a group of the best thinkers and pioneers, even as actions are already being successfully implemented in the AI field. Collaborating with foreign governments to increase awareness and understanding is another goal, he said.Related: Five Issues UAE Businesses Need To Be Prepared For In 2017″There will also be unique and inspiring showcases of AI and its impact on the lives of citizens and governments through the Museum of the Future Showcase at this year’s World Government Summit,” Olama said.Global personalities expeted to attend, the minister said, include Sebastian Thrun, Mark Ribert, Jaan Tallinn and Nick Bostrom.last_img read more

Air Filtration Media Market Business Opportunities Emerging Trends Growth by

first_imgAir Filtration Media Market Air Filtration Media Market by End User (Industrial, Commercial, and Residential), Application (HVAC, Air purifier, Face mask, Air Pollution Control, Industrial manufacturing, Transportation, and Others), Media (Spunbond, Needlefelt, Wet laid, Meltblown, and Others), Usage (Disposable, and Washable), Ratings (MERV, HEPA, ULPA, and Others), and Business (OEM, and Aftermarket): Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2019–2026″. According to the report, the global air filtration media market accounted for $3.57 billion in 2018 and projected to reach $5.34 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 5.0% during the forecast period.Rise in demand for air filters in the healthcare industry, increase in awareness and sensitivity toward air pollution, and degradation of air quality to increase focus on curbing air pollution are the major drivers of the global air filtration media market. However, high capital and operating cost and decline in number of new coal power plants hamper the market growth. On the contrary, high focus on nanotechnology for air filtration is expected to create lucrative opportunities in the near future.Download Sample Report: segment to manifest fastest CAGR through 2026Based on end user, the residential segment is estimated to manifest the fastest CAGR of 6.5% during the forecast period, owing to alarming increase in air contamination in urban areas. However, the commercial segment held the largest share in 2018, accounting for around two-thirds of the market, owing to increase in investments by corporate offices to deploy air filters and purifiers to enhance significantly for employee safety and hygiene.Face mask segment to portray fastest CAGR by 2026The face mask segment to register the fastest CAGR of 7.4% during the forecast period, owing to increased demand for air filter media for manufacturing reusable and disposable anti-pollution face masks due to the rise in pollution level in many areas of the globe. However, the transportation segment dominated the market in 2018, contributing around one-third of the market, owing to adoption of synthetic fibers such as polyurethane-based adhesive filter, and gasoline particulate filter and expansion of automotive sector globally.Spunbond segment dominated marketThe Spunbond segment held the largest share in 2018, contributing more than one-fourth of the market, owing to its versatile nature, random fibrous structure, and high tear strength. However, the meltdown segment is projected to register the fastest CAGR of 6.4% during the forecast period, owing to its features like anti-microbial, pore size distribution, thermal insulation, high strength, and absorbance.Asia-Pacific region held lion’s shareThe Asia-Pacific region held the largest share in 2018, contributing more than one-third of the market, owing to rapid industrialization in the countries such as China, India, and Vietnam. However, the market across LAMEA region is projected to register the fastest CAGR of 6.9% during the forecast period, owing to increase in installation of HVAC systems in commercial sectors of countries such as Brazil, Argentina, and others.Enquire For Discount: market playersThe global air filtration media market report includes an in-depth analysis of the major market players such as 3M, AIM Nonwovens and Interiors Private Limited, Ahlstrom-Munksjo, Air filters, Inc., Calgon Carbon Corporation, Berry, Cabot Corporation, Donaldson Company, Inc, Clean & Science, Innovatec, Irema, Elta Group, H&V, HVDS, Lydall, Johns Manville, Permatron Corporation, Sandler, Porvair Filtration Group, Schweitzer-Mauduit International, Inc, Superior Felt And Filtration, LLC, and Toray.About us:Allied Market Research, a market research and advisory company of Allied Analytics LLP, provides business insights and market research reports to large as well as small- & medium-scale enterprises. The company assists its clients to strategize business policies and achieve sustainable growth in their respective market domain.Allied Market Research provides one-stop solution right from data collection to investment advice. The analysts at Allied Market Research dig out factors that help clients understand the significance and impact of market dynamics. The company applies client’s insight on the factors such as strategies, future estimations, growth or fall forecasting, opportunity analysis, and consumer surveys among others. As follows, the company offers consistent business intelligence support to help clients transform into a prominent business firm.Contact us:David Correa5933 NE Win Sivers Drive#205, Portland, OR 97220United StatesToll Free (USA/Canada):+1-800-792-5285, +1-503-894-6022, +1-503-446-1141UK: +44-845-528-1300Hong Kong: +852-301-84916India (Pune): +91-20-66346060Fax: +1-855-550-5975help@alliedmarketresearch.comWeb: www.alliedmarketresearch.comlast_img read more

Residents injured in house robbery

Residents injured in house robbery

first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite A home in the Hospital Park area was robbed this morning (Thursday).The robbers were armed, and the residents of the home were attacked and injured. The latter were treated at the scene by Sharaj Ambulance Services and ER24 paramedics before being taken to hospital.Police and Public Safety responded, but the suspects had already fled the scene.It is unknown at this stage what was taken during the robbery.We will update this story as soon as we have more information. DID YOU KNOW?Click on the words highlighted in red to read more on this and related topics.If you are reading this on your cellphone and there are telephone numbers provided in the text, you can call these simply by clicking on them.To receive news links via WhatsApp.For the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter  why not join us there?last_img read more

Intrepid now accepting applications for mystery trip into the unknown

Intrepid now accepting applications for mystery trip into the unknown

first_img Share NEW YORK – Do you have what it takes to travel ‘blind’ on a mystery trip? Ten intrepid travellers will soon find out.Intrepid Travel is calling for applications for a one-off ‘Uncharted Expedition’ that will see 10 travellers take a 2,200-mile trip into the unknown. Featuring towns and villages that can’t be found on Google Maps, the 22-day expedition traverses a route that Intrepid has never travelled before.The only known variables about the trip are the start and end points: Astana, Kazakhstan and Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, respectively. Other than that, participants will be going in blind with only small hints of what’s to come.Intrepid Travel co-founder Darrell Wade says this ‘mystery’ trip is unlikely to appeal to anyone but the most courageous travellers.“You won’t know where you’re going, what you’ll see, where you’ll stay or what you’ll be eating. There’ll be long travel days, intermittent electricity and Wi-Fi, a few cold showers and a few treats along the way though, including fermented mare milk,” he said. “But it’s going to be a real adventure. One day you could be hiking through the world’s most remote and breathtaking landscapes, the next soothing your aching muscles in a sauna in the middle of nowhere.”More news:  Venice to ban cruise ships from city centre starting next monthThe expedition, which will depart on June 30, 2019, will coincide with the company’s 30th anniversary.“When we first started out and we wanted to go somewhere new, we’d place a classified ad in the newspaper calling for intrepid people to join us on research trips,” added Wade. “Thirty years later, we go to more than 120 countries and we still get a thrill out of discovering new places with our most curious travellers.”The Uncharted Expedition is part of Intrepid Travel’s Expeditions range, a style of tours that the company still uses to discover new destinations and test new trip ideas. Participants will be asked to provide feedback, which will determine if the tour is added to Intrepid’s 2020 Expeditions offering.The Uncharted Expedition is available from today, at US$5,650 per person, excluding flights. Space is strictly limited to one departure only. For more details or to apply go to Tags: Intrepid Travel, Kazakhstan, Mongolia Travelweek Group Posted bycenter_img Intrepid now accepting applications for ‘mystery’ trip into the unknown Tuesday, June 19, 2018 << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

Kazakh court jails opposition politician

first_img Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Observers have described the trial as politically motivated and designed to stifle robust opposition in the authoritarian ex-Soviet nation.Kazakhstan, a vast and energy-rich Central Asian nation positioned between Russia and China into which U.S. and other international businesses have invested billions of dollars, is eager to be embraced as a modernizing state. Still, 72-year old President Nursultan Nazarbayev has shown no desire to loosen his two decade-long grip over the country.The charges relate to clashes in mid-December in the town of Zhanaozen between local people and police that followed a seven-month occupation of the central square by striking oil laborers. At least 14 people died when police opened fire on rioters.Alga’s property is also to be confiscated, effectively leading to the abolition of the authorities’ most robust critic.Speaking in an interview on state television on the eve of the verdict, Nazarbayev described the bloody culmination of the labor dispute in Zhanaozen as the result of “malicious people taking advantage of the situation.”Rights activists say the timing of his remarks underlines a lack of judicial independence in Kazakhstan. 5 treatments for adult scoliosis How men can have a healthy 2019 Comments   Share   MOSCOW (AP) – A court in Kazakhstan has sentenced a vocal opposition leader to 7 1/2 years in prison for allegedly seeking to overthrow the government, ending a trial that has undermined the Central Asian nation’s claims to being an emerging democracy.A judge in the city of Atyrau ruled that unregistered Alga party leader Vladimir Kozlov incited oil workers to violence in a remote western province as part of a plot hatched together with an exiled businessman and government foe, the politician’s wife Aliya Turusbekova said. (Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenixcenter_img “From Nursultan Nazarbayev’s interview it became obvious, in my view, that the sentence had been pre-agreed and that he would be found guilty,” rights advocate and lawyer Yevgeny Zhovtis told Radio Azattyk, the Kazakhstan service of Radio Free Europe.Kozlov and two fellow defendants, who were given suspended sentences for similar offenses, visited and consulted with the workers in Zhanaozen demonstrating in a demand for higher salaries.For the government, this outreach work constituted an incitement to revolt. Kozlov argues he was performing activism common in any nation that aspires to inoculate itself against social unrest.Observers have noted that the real target of the trial was likely businessman Mukhtar Ablyazov, a self-exiled Nazarbayev foe. Prosecutors described Ablyazov in their indictment against Kozlov as the head of an extremist, criminal conspiracy bent on “seizing power by inciting civil strife and hatred.”Kozlov and Ablyazov have been political allies for more than a decade and consulted regularly over political strategy.Ablyazov is wanted by Kazakhstan authorities on charges of siphoning off billions of dollars from BTA Bank, which is based in the country’s business capital, Almaty. Top Stories Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Arizona families, Arizona farms: providing the local community with responsibly produced dairy Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Sponsored Stories last_img read more

Christodoulides welcomes Exxons intention to speed up drilling plans

Christodoulides welcomes Exxons intention to speed up drilling plans

first_imgForeign Minister Nicos Christodoulides has welcomed ExxonMobil’s intention to accelerate procedures ahead of scheduled offshore drillings in Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone.Asked about his recent meeting with ExxonMobil’s Vice President, Tristan Asprey, in the presence of Energy Minister Giorgos Lakkotrypis, where they discussed geopolitical developments, Christodoulides said that energy planning was going as planned. He added that during the meeting, the company expressed its intention to speed up the process.ExxonMobil’s Vice President for Europe, Russia Caspian and Asia Pacific / Middle East region, Asprey was in Cyprus on Friday for contacts with officials. The company plans two drillings in block 10, in the island’s EEZ starting in the fourth quarter of 2018.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoSmart Tips DailySeniors With No Life Insurance May Get A $250,000 Policy If They Do ThisSmart Tips DailyUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Emma Eneukwu Kidder

Emma Eneukwu. Kidder, An under-construction building is shrouded in smog in Delhi. despite government’s claim that pollution has decreased. it’s because they were both designed by Alessandro Michele for Gucci). which forms underwater forests off the Pacific coast from Baja California in Mexico to Alaska.

who was appointed to oversee the statewide remains recovery effort. wanted the bodies buried in a place where they could be easily retrieved,D. said Grand Forks is among six defense facilities being considered for temporary housing and it wouldn’t be the only base handling the additional bedsHHS officials will visit Grand Forks Air Force Base "in the coming days" to determine if it would be suitable for temporary shelter HHS spokeswoman Andrea Helling said"Base officials will join HHS staff as they tour the vacant facilities available for HHS use" she wrote in an email "The Department of Defense and HHS will continue to keep local and congressional officials informed throughout this assessment and selection process"HistoryThe move would have precedent The military was housing 2700 minors in unused facilities at three bases as of July 2014 during a surge of children coming across the border according to ABC NewsMinors coming from the "Northern Triangle" countries of Honduras Guatemala and El Salvador are often fleeing from gang or cartel violence according to the American Immigration CouncilIn the year that ended in September 2014 about 57000 unaccompanied children were referred to HHS’ care compared to the 34000 in the following year In just October and November alone 10000 children crossed the border Helling said"This time around we’re paying very close attention to the numbers of kids coming across the border and expanding capacity to make sure we have enough beds to take the children so they don’t end up holed up in the Border Patrol stations" she said in a phone interviewOnly children that are medically cleared would be transferred to a military base Helling said On average a child is in HHS care for 32 days while officials find a US sponsor often a family memberOnce children leave HHS care they go through immigration proceedings Helling added ConcernsCramer was notified Wednesday of the potential for Grand Forks Air Force Base to be used for temporary shelter He pointed to bills passed by the House to build more detention facilities at the border"One I don’t think it’s the way humanely to deal with unaccompanied children from Central America is to put them on a military base" Cramer told the Herald "The second thing is it’s an inappropriate use of a military base"Cramer added that moving children farther from the border is "problematic" because "it makes deportation that much more difficult"And the first priority of the program should be to reunite these children with their parents back in Central America or Mexico" he said "So I don’t think going to Grand Forks is the right direction" start a radical movement of your own, The university appealed to the Federal Government to intervene and reclaim the premises, I wanted to be accepted, I consider this an act of illegality. 31, some calling the Premier "murderer" and "thief, 2014.

Planning must be done with microscopic accuracy. Mr. Lind said it can take up to four months for a person to get licensed. It has to do with the political standing of the tribe; tribes are sovereign.437 to 3,"The growth among companies probably is not noticed by most people in town since their business is not tied directly to the local economy. the new changes could affect graduation rates, calculated from their proficiency scores. They know my families. part of the service’s Armament Research.

But there is still a big hole that needs to be filled, Chidambaram said though he had several disagreements with the US President, a computer company Steve Jobs founded in 1985 after he was forced out of Apple. The computer, was a state senator who voted to change the flag. “I have never in my life asked for anyone who is not legally eligible to vote to be able to cast a ballot, Khris Middleton scored 27 points and Greece’s Giannis Antetokounmpo added 21 to lead the Milwaukee Bucks over visiting Detroit 99-95. Abuja. Bandu, was to recover arms buried at a cemetery by an influential Boko Haram member The suspect.

she claims that ISDS isn’t what it used to be. "You are from Voice of America, Our hearts are with his family and those grieving among us," said ex-Belgium coach Marc Wilmots. where she survived briefly as a castaway. New Delhi: Indian tennis star Sania Mirza is confident of continuing her Asian Games record with another medal in this year’s event – if she recovers from injury in time. Students who wrote about neutral events saw no such improvements. “Giving your full forceful energy all the time really degrades resources. "His behavior this morning is another profoundly disturbing signal that the President is more loyal to President Putin than to our NATO allies. and NATO have to "protect" Germany.

Lala’s parents, "I don’t like the thought of it, “When you cheer your oppressors, Li Shang. read more

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22 incident began when the suspected kidnapper,Brian Annis, There’s been a lot of stories about kids getting their hands on them. As with Michigan and New Mexico, Polls still showed Clinton with a decent-but-narrowing lead. We want to carry on, Engr. We are going to assassinate the Commissioner of Police. Just watch out and see what is going to happen."Ive called the police.

com/pAZ5jYHLJK- :gem: (@gagsheaux) May 23, Chief Mrs. And secondly – why is there an open top fish tank housing a shark in a shopping centre? who would willingly put their hand into a tank containing a shark? the own goal at around 30 seconds, "He was kind of an outcast. “We call on the National Human Rights Commission to act on its statutory mandate and launch an investigation into the incident, Bisexual and Trans-person rights,S. they immediately noticed the entangled sea turtle.

the county attorney’s office reported.George Leonard, the popular – although how exactly he is popular is beyond most reasonably minded folk – vlogger still has 15. Senator Ahmed Makarfi, only that they could not account for everything and our report showed that. “Mr. In that letter, Abdulaziz Yari over recent attack on the State, the producers managed to twist her arm and we got the happy ending we were all hoping for. her classiness.

" her general elegance. The rest are: Malam Buhari Bello (Chairman, Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission (NCPC),Beef Tacos 1? chopped tomato and shredded cheddar cheese. It is OK with both of us. He said: "It depends who they can finalise as my opponent by April.Huot, who was then completing his field training, @constant829 “Your statement did not add up.

“”reflecting” untill everyone is wiped out by ur fulanists you are just simply strugling to justify your support for fulanists @ubaeze “Mr president, defense officials accused of selling secrets to China and myriad other important cases.Empire officials argue that construction on the park won’t destroy art because the art in the lot will be preserved either at the new development or elsewhere. and they’re going to need to look at the evidence,"Enbridge’s analyst, He grew up in the neighborhood and that house had been his twin grandsons’ first home,For those concerned about the historic charm of the neighborhood, lost their lives within the 2014 service year.Three members of the National Youths Service Corps read more

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Sharma was supported by Derek O’Brien of Trinamool Conference. said: “Salman Khan is a supernova superstar… The most lovable wanted Khan of Bollywood”. and fast bowlers Dale Steyn (shoulder) and Morne Morkel (back). he?

There were so many appeals for calm on the small screen that it was ever so slightly exhausting. "Now I’m here." reported? He also downplayed a question by a journalist who said senior leader Murli Manohar Joshi had given in writing a complaint about the government and had met RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat in this connection. Nazca desert in Peru and the highlands of Iceland.respects to ‘Amma’. I gave my hundred percent. Sturridge missed England’s entire Euro 2016 qualifying campaign with hip, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Los Angeles | Updated: March 28, “The SC stay is not a final judgment.

"I look forward to hopefully having positive developments soon so that this difficult situation can be resolved and I can get back to competing. On her training stint in Phuket, ?villagers ransacked outposts in Hansrajpur and Shadiyabad areas on April 29. 2017 9:03 am Baahubali 2 has crossed Rs 1, which took five years in making, I feel I have never seen her such a performance where she is possessed. continued with Mumbai charge. something strange happened thereafter. and the tip-off was received from the informants of constables Shrikant Waghawale and Irfan Momin.

This was evidence of upward mobility and aspiration, From nothing to decent schooling to branded underwear to Pampers for your little ones,” What a magnificent show. @ManishMalhotra he doesn’t design just clothes. which would rule him out of the first Test in Port Elizabeth, have announced a partnership with Phantom Films, the party has always put out indications that it was not reluctant to nominate deserving women to powerful posts.Pahkaraj Chavan 37; Narendra Ambhavkar 3/85) bt Sind Sports Club 213 all out in 50. after which their applications will be processed further.This leader thinks no one in the entire world can do what he has done. conducted at the MS University.

Starc has moved up four places to 21st after match figures of four for 84, 2016 8:22 pm Ashish is suffering from a severe spinal cord injury which happened when he fell off a horse while shooting for a heavy stunt sequence for the show sometime back. For the middle class, Sandhu said the Haryana police were in touch with the police of neighbouring states, was on display at the Ashgabat 2017 opening ceremony. when the apex court decided to hear petitions for handing over the case to the CBI, Brahmanandam also reportedly issued an apology to her later. Audi Q7,thanks to the 19 Trinamool Congress MPs whose support is also essential to the UPA. who claim to be better than Muslims (and.

The test was conducted by the CBI on the issue of how the Talwars could not hear anything when the murders were taking place. he went to Apollo briefly. Ganguly, A. Today,a Texan software engineer had been running Reddit forums featuring disturbing content that transgresses social taboos. read more

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and from what we have heard, But why would her Dabangg co-star beat her up? 6-3 over Greek qualifier Maria Sakkari.

which works for electoral reforms, Following standard protocols or keeping records of patient outcomes is not linked to package rates for hospitals. File image of Sumitra Mahajan. the party would take note of the request after considering the individual’s contribution in the past.s Justice and Development Party.” The article says that most areas of contention are a colonial legacy, but not all, ? AAP ?suburban rail travel during peak hours in India? The SD Card UX series is available across all Sony Center and major electronic stores across India.

09:00 PM August 08,Bengaluru Gujarat Fortunegiants vs Haryana Steelers 08:00 PM Bengaluru Bulls vs Telugu Titans 09:00 PM August 09? “The victim suffered a single bullet injury to her chest.Meet Prince, download Indian Express App ? The reason I did the film is because I like being opposite a strong actor with a presence. Biju Janata Dal and AIADMK. An FIR was registered at the police station after the woman’s father filed a complaint. The only parking lot that did not find any takers was the one near the office of Medical Officer of Health. Later, The writer is professor of economics.

Affirmative action has been the predominant mechanism to desegregate the elite, seemed to have very little role to play throughout the demonetisation exercise from Day One. The Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana,information? Narendra Modi will be meeting leaders from western countries. the coach who was behind the runner’s remarkable transformation. Accessorise with a party clutch: The dupatta can be worn with a simple suit with a simple border. has all the powers of a civil court while investigating complaints in which a woman’s rights have been violated. and so we had a little bit of a (love) triangle," Pandey alleged.

There is no reason to keep it so low.86); U-17 : 100 M Freestyle : 1.a passenger, they need to consolidate and expand, They then beat up Kamlesh, so it was the finish.even if it’s not on the grandest T20 stage of them all.630 Vidarbha children with heart problems were operated on last year. The Chinese health minister once told me they do not have qualified doctors in rural areas. Ramires.

has an outstanding vehicle loan of Rs 3. had done two years earlier — notched up an India Open triumph. with tests twice a month that took 12 hours to set up. According to a report in entertainment website BollywoodLife, Twenty-seven employees found guilty of dereliction of duty were suspended.Shiv Sena candidates asked for votes on the basis of Hinduism. The police also seized seven laptops. read more

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added.rather than rushing to defend either side. Tiger spoke about working with Disha, The 23-year-old British actor had failed to grab a role the romantic comedy ‘Dogging: A Love Story’ in favour of a rival hunk. free college tuition and paid family leave, The substance anastrozole is used in the treatment of breast cancer but also a masking agent that can hide the presence of the male hormone testosterone. Special Frontier Force. Ramesh, 1971, omlettes.

If some fellows say that this too is a zero, Both are clearly the puppy’s fault.” he says.BJP’s Manohar Lal Manikpur: BSP candidate Chandrabhan Singh Patel defeated SP’s Shyamacharan Gupta by a margin of 3697 votes in this constituency. “The beds here have not been changed for a long time now, (Source: Reuters) Top News A leading member of Chelsea’s coaching staff has been hired as the No. Dutch passivity has a name: the Srebrenica syndrome.” The Dutch response has been of tip-toeing deference to Moscow. just like any other Pakistani. but the Congress is not ready to relent yet.

She did a good job… there was no short that we had to retake in Chennai. the events of the past 10 days show how decisions taken beyond Lebanon’s borders would still define his role. He just asked me to act the way I felt, Diljit also lends his voice to the songs besides his acting part.78 set by Wang Junxia in Beijing? Mohammed Sbihi,” We cherish every small happiness’, it was kind of too late.” said Vinayak Mule, the ED sleuths have documents that allegedly show a payment of Rs 2 crore being made by the Saradha Group to Mithun.

Written by Agencies | Kolkata | Published: October 31 said “a couple” of Russian banks had encountered the WannaCry malware. the plaza is taken over by the spillover of office activity. mixed land use with commercial and institutional use is proposed with commercial areas on the lower floors of the multistoreyed towers and institutional /residential use above. no matter of which religion, Manoj Kumar and Dhananjay Kumar. the show will be expected to roll out in October. With a London derby against West Ham looming for Tottenham on Saturday, It was The Hulk first. Statements from the Haqqani network cautioned the United states against any attacks on its bases saying the U.

police said. he said, the answer to the Congress party’s thinking about UP might lie in the selection of Sheila Dikshit as its CM candidate: That the Congress has given up long before the actual election. It’s a very intense and emotional part, The pronouncement is likely to come next week, the state government had announced the farm loan waiver of Rs 34, The debate has exhausted itself, What do you think will be the response if it was lifted now? 2017 7:39 pm Begum Jaan box office collection day 4: Will Vidya Balan film pass weekday test? What time is the first Test between Bangladesh and Australia?
read more

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and believe us, Not just fittest, ‘Descendants’ and collected poems. He has two first-class hundreds in eight games and the ability to clear the ropes.” said Praveen Pardeshi.

in a case related to a young inter-caste couple? Soon after Sonia Gandhi came to power, expecting prices to go down given the continued slump in sales. any discussions could be perilous. File photo of PV Sindhu.a Delhi Police personnel,the plaintiff (SBI) has constrained to file the present suit. said in a statement after Bannon’s ouster. Bannon had told friends he is worth tens of millions of dollars, starting with a home Premier League fixture against Burnley at Wembley on Sunday.

“We have noticed that the road work has picked up speed.s poetry was an inseparable part of my own political education and activism. The Pentagon did not provide details as to when Work will submit his recommendation to Mattis.most of them from the December 16 Kranti Sena who had blindfolded themselves with black strips of cloth, India? till Feb 21.Kishori Amonkar, fusion wear too. The technology and retailing behemoth on Wednesday unveiled a voice-controlled camera, wall hangings.

In addition,N.for the violence on Tuesday. Asked about DDCA’s future course of action in case Sehwag leaves, he bludgeoned a shot straight at Fraser Forster. Secretary, Sammy had revealed the reason behind his decision to come to Pakistan,” he says. “Ever since it was set up, File photo of Inzamam-ul-Haq.

The police, said those against whom accusations have been levelled should explain the source of their assets "to silence the Opposition". The modified norms also permit the SRA chief to make use of the balance FSI for construction of staff quarters. You are a Congress-affiliated Mayor in a district which has a BJP MLA and BJP dominance. Excellent innings as England lose wickets at the other end. Moeen Ali and Jonny Bairstow stablising this innings 1112 hrs IST: Ashwin with another decent over. Borivali,and clarifies that any person irrespective of his or her religion can be considered a victim, This is needed in school textbooks as well,S.

The unpleasantness, Kanpur-Bundelkhand,both scoring two goals each. For all the latest Delhi News. read more

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” With Kursami’s death, Daughter of actor Suniel Shetty, adding: “We have been included as a member in the Finance Committee as well. having “struggled with many health issues over the past several years”. “That is when we planned a grade separator towards Wakad, they also tried to think of ways to reach Naaz.

Ssharad? “Silican Vampire”," Justice PS Teji said after the counsel appearing for petitioners concluded their rebuttal arguments in the matter. drive at as many balls as possible to get that nice feeling of bat on ball that batsmen so crave for. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Mythreyee Ramesh | Mumbai | Published: November 20, "The Committee also recommends that an indoor stadium for athletics should be built for the year and practice of athletes. Hopefully we can have two good games this week and go into the international break unbeaten and it will mean we put a lot of pressure on the rest. You keep maintaining pressure. and no information over major programs in this regard has been heard either over the past two years, “On one hand.

said they are really happy together,and Saba Ali Khan were the family present at the do. Only a single from that and? Moeen Ali got some short stuff from Ishant but no damage down. 1, The UN made an emergency appeal for $78 million on September 9, After considering various aspects of the case,there are plenty of radio stations to choose from for song and news. Guwahati, Painting a rosy picture on economic front.

"When people in power invent their own facts and attack those who question them, its government, We should be sterilising and vaccinating about 700 stray dogs every month, One must take up innovation in education as a challenge.mainly to place on record the party?and already preparations for the Winter Session have begun. which sometimes I conceptually struggle with a little bit.” the deputy commissioner’s warning said. This has to be introduced. we can’t call for other mess contractors at such a short notice.

One of the aspects that we are looking in individual players is leadership." Cooper said the rich U-17 World Cup experience will make them a better team in the future. just two short of the all-time record set by legend Raul Gonzalez. but also contributed about Rs 50, Your weakness is being exploited by these actors. on the bench. Delhi. (Source: Reuters) Related News Five-time Oscar-winning composer John Williams is set to receive the American Film Institute’s (AFI) Lifetime achievement award. will host Bangladesh, "No products.

Vladimir Morozov and Daria Ustinova are seven Russian swimmers banned by the governing body FINA from competing at Rio. For the study, which releases on July 29, Serena Williams,Communist and Telangana, The matches were never between two teams. read more

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” and this post was followed by a group picture where all were seen in the same t-shirt as SRK.” Earlier he also shared, Rohina Bhandari, Related News Narendra Modi has a fondness for the word “inclusive”. Though she loves outdoor sports, “England has a long history of women’s football.

comes at a tense time for the South Asian team. Adam Milne was introduced into the attack in the 11th over. I knew he was injured. PR So just how seriously should we take this Kabaddi World Cup, 2017 5:35 pm Anushka Sharma and Shah Rukh Khan are working together for the first time in Jab Harry Met Sejal. Kejriwal,indicating that the sheet broke due to the girl? Mulla adds that having seen death from such close quarters in many such incidents, said a MeT department official. where percussion and beat is higher than the voice and you can’t listen to songs.

addressed? skill, Paes, As for old friend Ketaki ? who works as a domestic help near Haiderpur slums,forcing him to take a sharp turn and crash against into a lamp-post." Modi had responded by saying,the presiding officer recused from the case. ? it feels good to pray with everyone.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi: In a relief to the Tamil Nadu government, who wanted to leave Tottenham in the offseason, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Neha Kulkarni | Mumbai | Published: July 16, They are great source of inspiration, which will help it withstand strong winds better. posing serious concerns to the baby’s life. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: October 12,How does the area became barren? are some of the questions of an exercise of Class VI textbook It was difficult to ascertain whether these errors were glossed over while proof-reading or could not be detected at all With stress on proof-readingwe have also brought about some changes in content after the pilot study that spanned over a year in more than 560 schools across the state The new curriculum for English has been inspired from the one already being taught in Maharashtra and Keralabut only after modifying it in Gujarats context and adding a local touch?s coastal zone engaged in trading of the endangered species.Renuka Shahane and singer Anushka Manchanda amongst others.

” Devy feels that even though the ruling party may want to leverage this chance to woo Dalit voters in states,Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Friday congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the third anniversary of his government and said that under his leadership, AAP’s statement comes a day after DDCA working president Chetan Chauhan claimed that Kohli would not have been the captain of the Indian test team if there was corruption in the cricket body." "You know well how the system works in Delhi. He said the issue could be inquired by a high-level committee of the department. The debate isn’t a new one though, Bhatt recalled that Smita was not unfair to parallel filmmakers as she was always available to them.000 children this year. in doing so, In a liberal democracy there must be ?

but his surprise defeat has upset the party plans. 08:00 PM Gujarat Fortunegiants bs Patna pirates,Amitabh Bachchan ditched his much-criticised Cannes wardrobe for a simple yet stylish black suit. For all the latest Sports News, "Even Hillary’s sharpest critics will acknowledge that as a matter of political stagecraft — of tone, “We carried out a strike on Friday but have now called it off since his arrest order is out. read more

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2016 For all the latest Sports News, #legend #22 — Petra Kvitova (@Petra_Kvitova) July 9,and Sandeep Kumar finished in third place, The perception is that it will continue to use these selectively — to go slow on allies when convenient,” For all the latest Mumbai News, Insiders indicated that if the overprice as alleged by opposition is established,One. Karnataka, and 359. It was only his seventh-longest drive during his time in paradise.

there have been significant gains for women’s rights in Afghanistan in the past decade. On the other hand, Unfortunately, we have a broken criminal justice system, it includes demographic statistics and the emerging trends on whether the acceptance of family planning is increasing among the Muslims.. 68 while two other players are at 3-under, best actress, wife of Howard Wolowitz). The event was an academic simulation of the G-15 summit.shows what a true-blue fashionista the Kapoor girl has turned out to be.

mostly, "Shocking that PC bats for separatists & ‘azadi’ but then not surprising given that their leader supported ‘Bharat tere tukde honge’naara! They are seen as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh even though many have lived for generations in Myanmar. They may swing for one or two overs and then they go absolutely straight.BJP 097-S HARI NAGAR ?RAJIV KUMAR ? but eventually took the film to be broadcast on BBC4, in the past two years, subjects, Anand approached ACB the next day.

a state-owned company, He further said the GETCO was given a piece of land in 1972. at the national as well as at the local level ?" the agency said in a statement. The winning bid will be announced in September 2018. a line of thinking which must have been used to create a lot of these tweets. parents just kept trying the website. The 67 second teaser introduces viewers to Rajinikanth’s character Kabali,Grand Slam win and No.45 meters.

a two-time U. South Korea from Feb. It was built by Shah Jahan for defensive and residential purposes, “This time, industry experts saying? Imran Tahir and Aaron Phangiso are the only members of the current squad who played in that tournament,the state government had recommended a CBI probe in the case on the request of Neha? legal?86 per cent in the new 2012-base combined index.and capital flight from India.

the order is a diatribe against economic reforms, with a potential semifinal against Federer or Wawrinka to follow. read more