How can we join the sales of cabinet stores

in recent years, with the improvement of people’s quality of life, consumers began to be interested in the whole cabinet Home Furnishing, which also makes the prospect of the cabinet industry is quite promising; at present in the market, the whole cabinet brand is much more special, the sales situation is very good. Investment in the business to open the store in order to smooth operation, you need to pay attention to store sales. For the majority of investors in terms of maintaining the overall cabinet stores in the market advantage. read more

Sell color key small business failure to get lessons

business failure is painful, but from the experience of failure in business lessons can we avoid detours, now Xiaobian tell a color key story, I hope that we can learn from the lessons of failure.

2004 in August, Li saw the color key to the project after the business with a small capital, serious investigation and careful analysis, choose a name is a color key color color key brand, become a franchisee. A color key is a hard alloy material with high strength, the South Korean new polymer coating technology production, and compared to other similar products is not easy to break, coating is not easy to fall off, not easy to wear, and only slightly more than two hundred times the keyhole scratches, although a color key cost is high, but your quality is reliable.

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nto GREE to seek the secret of their success

the growth of each brand, have been tested by the market and consumers. GREE to enter the market in-depth development, with its extraordinary market performance to the world to prove their success. Success belongs to them, and to us. Let us walk into GREE, to seek the secret of their success……

China on household air conditioning is to start from a window type air conditioner, refrigerator factory in Shanghai in 1965 successfully developed the first air conditioner in China, put into production in 1970, mainly for hospital use. Air conditioner for single-phase power supply in 1978. At that time, there was no uniform standard of the country or industry.

1990 years ago, China’s air conditioner market is a large part of imported products from Japan and the United states. For example, Zhuhai GREE electric appliance’s first air conditioner was started in 1991. read more

How to do a good job in the pricing strategy

now all walks of life are facing the pressure of competition, how to occupy a space for one person in the fierce competition in the market, the price adjustment is one of the means. So for start-up companies, how to do a good price strategy? Look at the following analysis.

is this the right thinking process?

Madhavan Ramanujam is a pricing expert. He is the famous Simon Gu and management consulting partner, he said startups should choose the pricing strategy of only three: revenue maximization strategies, penetration pricing strategy and pricing strategy of liposuction (high pricing strategy). The focus of these three strategies are revenue growth, market share and profit maximization. read more

What are the 2016 Hurun rich list of Jiangsu announced for you

in daily life, we all know that Wang Sicong is called the "national husband", this is the ideal object of financial. Yesterday, the 2016 Hurun rich list released, Wang Jianlin to become the richest man in 215 billion wealth. Treasure can become a well deserved big dark horse Yao Zhenhua, 115 billion of the wealth value rose more than last year, more than 8 times, ranked No. fourth. Over the past year, China’s rich wealth growth slowed down, there are 2056 entrepreneurs wealth reached $2 billion and above, a total of Jiangsu’s top 188 billionaires, including Suzhou, Nanjing and were, respectively, 31 and 19. read more

Watercress is trying to do better

now the young artists, are playing watercress, if you do not watercress, then you out. In addition to the publication of original works, works of art and translation of the main works, the reader has a new source of income – column and serial.

watercress reading column and originally serialized in early November this year to open the application, there are nearly 500 authors submitted a column for the 300 authors submitted a series of applications, readers can have bean reading columns and serial subscriptions. The number of the first line of the column is 100, serialized for the 85. PingWest told reporters that the first update is expected to be around the Spring Festival this year.

on columns and serial read watercress content form made a detailed definition:

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To see if you are suitable for beauty salons

open a high-quality beauty salon, suction gold index absolutely super awesome, this is many people want to venture into the beauty industry have reason lies. Since the opening of the beauty salon is so good, does not mean that everyone can invest in this industry direction? Of course not, below, we can see who is suitable for beauty salons.

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Quanzhou Teachers nstitute of innovation and entrepreneurship held the opening ceremony

innovation and entrepreneurship in the country has spread, in order to make students better understand the innovation and entrepreneurship, enhance the entrepreneurial ability, improve the quality of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship education can not be ignored, therefore, Quanzhou teachers college founded the Institute of innovation and entrepreneurship.

4 5 afternoon, held in Quanzhou Teachers Institute of innovation and entrepreneurship innovation forum opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony of the read more

nvestment entrepreneurs to do a good job to compare cost effective to give priority to

entrepreneurial project selection is the most important factor in determining the success or failure of the project, the following small series for you to sort out what the investment business tips, I hope you can bring some inspiration.

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