E commerce websites personal views

initially believes that our e-commerce platform is characterized by "one-stop trading" and "collaborative office". Because each supplier is also a buyer. They can complete the sale of their finished products on our platform, and also can finish their own purchase of raw materials. This may be different from the Alibaba. Ali seems to be focused on suppliers, and although it has worked hard to tap suppliers, the number of buyers is limited. This has led to a glut of suppliers, which is why Ali’s customers have been snatched from global resources, made in China, and carried out in recent years. Since this feature, then that is our website positioning, is for all suppliers and buyers. Customer base and Ali and other websites. read more

Some questions about Baidu can not be ignored when publishing articles

a lot of people run web sites when publishing articles that lack overall consideration, especially when the title setting is not carefully considered. Popular network on the title of the party, the title of the article looks very attractive, then click on the go was surprising, but some articles have good content, but no title so attractive, although located in the home page and click on the quantity is scanty. Below, combined with my experience of managing a local station to learn the water network, specifically for Baidu search features, talk about the article published can not be ignored several questions: read more

Xi’an webmaster conference experience

, it’s a great feeling to attend the conference. The front is boring. Behind the only people feel the truth, feel the charm of the webmaster assembly.

I still like the last show, SEO’s explanation, the site conference also let me make sure some webmaster friends, understand some of the mistakes before seo. Optimize my website from…

personally, it was a great success, and I met some famous people. Ha ha,

outback community welcome www.bikcc.cn link.

How does the local mall compete with Taobao

large e-commerce platform, in the country, the current Taobao, pat, Dangdang and so on to occupy the main position. For our industry, the mall and the local mall, how to survive in the cracks, how to locate the site is very important, this article mainly discusses how to compete with the local mall Taobao pat competition. First of all, let’s analyze the difference between the local electronic mall and Taobao. 1. remote and local mall and Taobao compared to the existence of inherent advantages, is the mall and buyers in the same city so that it has several advantages: (1) the seller in the local shopping mall above, can be more assured, when flaws can timely find the goods sold (mall) returned home. (2) deals between buyers and sellers can greatly reduce traffic expense, thereby greatly reducing the cost for the buyers shopping mall opened in the local (3) profit early, need most is to establish a good reputation in the local customer mind, active buyers will order goods delivery to his the hands, and free of charge. Is a very good website promotion method. In case of limited initial shipment, the goods can be delivered by the merchants and set up a fast and convenient image. The above points are what Taobao does not have. I analyze the advantage of Taobao: (1) a great variety of goods (2) with Alipay as a delivery method, through online payment, can save time and labor is more abundant (3) early establishment time, online shopping image has long been popular (4) to Alipay for delivery, satisfied with the payment, the payment is assured (5) shop for free according to the analysis above, can make the following strategies: (1) according to local customers, exempt freight delivery. Mainly local customers. (2) the goods through the mall cooperation with the courier company delivery way collection, delivery by courier to the buyer, on the spot inspection, if the buyer is not satisfied, return by courier company (3) long-term tracking of the user’s operating habits, for example, visits which items most, which views the biggest commodity, adjust business focus at any time, to understand customer needs (4) due to the local mall compared to Taobao, the content is relatively small, a user is relatively small, so there is a problem in the mall are sellers of goods severely cleared, makes a good trading environment (5) to establish a complete set of sellers shop authentication system, check the authenticity. Sellers of goods such as whether the entity shop, product quality is good, whether the goods are (6) and so on to ensure good customer service, when the buyer of goods Respond promptly and contact the seller to solve the problem. The local mall in operation early, the first to have a certain degree of publicity, to attract customers and sellers shop, and then through the above means, establish a good image of trading mall, through the user’s reputation propaganda, to achieve viral marketing effect. And to establish a strict certification system and a complete online and offline payment system. Let customers feel relieved.  :  : take me personally. I bought a 500G hard drive from Taobao 3 months ago. It’s broken after 2 months. I can’t read the disk. Buy when the seller (in Guangzhou) say "one". read more

Discussion sports community can do like watercress become a way of life

these days have been thinking and study this issue, let me explain: I said like watercress as becoming a lifestyle sports community "refers to from a macro point of view the most extensive, only that sport can do this level of this theme community watercress does, the specific content and operation we will not go to, not to have involved, criticize me" COPY bean, I’m not so stupid, don’t have that ability! Early to write such an article and everyone together to discuss, have been waiting for this to finish and Zhang He meet, because this sentence is put forward by him. read more

Combined network and traditional industry earned 200 thousand

has access to the Internet for 10 years, had just graduated out in China enterprise network (now renamed China) found in dry years, marketing is a purely "cheat", few of those not familiar with the Internet of small business owners. Leave yourself in it alone, do a period of time can also be, at least stronger than work, is sometimes more trouble.

was developed in our hometown of stainless steel industry a large and small township enterprises have more than 2000 years, steel production accounted for 1/7 of the country, the friend has a number of clients, because in rural areas, the price is not high, a business station is 2000-3000 million. At this price. Many bosses have finished, do not want to give money, every time you have to drag the money, or that the factory funds are tight, so large factories here will not be able to rely on. In other words, it hasn’t worked yet. I haven’t done business online yet. I said how can, the website keywords ranking so high, can’t have no effect, and say to you can’t do your website, you do business. To help you introduce objects, do you still have to give birth to your son?. read more

4 magic weapons to succeed in network business

4 magic weapon of

network successful

in the network business, working for yourself, if you want to venture in the network is a person of noble aspirations, and without knowledge and technology and distress, just I want to introduce some network business preparation matters, provide a little reference for the first in the network business friends. In fact, network business involves all aspects of life, not afraid to do, but not unexpected. The author tries to combine theory with practice, combined with some simple classic case of the network of entrepreneurial projects, whether for beginners or just shop, shop soon, the proposal will provide useful help to you. read more

Book sales sites for example talk about how to increase the rate of payment conversion

paid conversion means: allow users to pay for consumption, converted into paid users. Payment conversion can be divided into two parts: single payment conversion and no single order payment conversion. The former refers to the transformation from single user has to pay, the latter refers to the transformation of the user by not order to pay, the former case usually only a few, because we tend to user orders and payment as a whole; the latter is more common, is also the concern of many key operators, today is to talk about how not to pay the conversion order to improve. read more

Network marketing solutions for gift arts and crafts industry

1, gifts, handicrafts industry introduction,

our gift and handicraft industry is a high-speed developing industry in recent years. The average profit margin is high, the market space is huge, and the production and marketing have been greatly improved. The prospects for development and potential are huge and the risks are relatively low. From the statistical data, in the past 10 years, China has developed at an average rate of 10.2% per year.

gifts, handicrafts industry, although a wide range, and the manufacturing methods, equipment size and structural form of different. Gifts, arts and crafts industry, network marketing focus and common troubles read more

Site analysis don’t let personalized ads scare users

with the rapid spread of the Internet, advertising at any time is not a difficult problem. We often talk about accurate marketing, accurate positioning of users. But do you know that excessive use of user data can make your ads look scary?

cited an example of "horror" advertising. One day I opened my mailbox and found my name in the ad on the sidebar. "How did he know it was me? Where did he get my information? Did they take my privacy data?"


in fact, for most users, "invasion of privacy" may be just a noun, a feeling. As for the specific information and data, users without a little technical background are confused. Therefore, there will be a ambivalence: both the convenience of personalized services, but also worried about privacy violations. So there are many unknown people blindly opposed to the behavior of the user data extraction. In fact, if you use user data properly, consumers will appreciate the services you offer them. read more

Through the network company new station operation three reflection reflection 2013’s SEO Road

head office has created a new network company. In fact, as early as 2010, the company already has a powerful network team, but there was no independent company at that time. Now, thanks to the new company, there is a tension between capital investment and return on orders, and trying to find orders has become the only hope of the new company at first. I served in the Huaian Runming network company website promotion charge, meet the market orientation, the malicious competition some thorny issues, now almost two months, although the website ranking achieved good results, but the profit is not ideal, because also occasionally a little order, still unable to break the capital investment and there are tensions return orders, today I made some reflections: read more

Resource release Hongkong eBay each registered user up to 9 earnings

yesterday we talked about permissionresearch in CJ. In fact, there is a good company, and everyone is familiar with, is any as long as the CJ account of China, it will certainly be able to immediately grant the ad, that is, Ebay Hong Kong.

, We, pay, a, commission, of, $6, registration, of, an, active, user., With, performance, incentives, there, is, the, potential, to, our, earn, up,, to, $9, per, for, base, each, active, registration.

I remember

EBAY in each of the recommended PR is 8 yuan, the highest 12 blocks, some people still do a lot of crazy. read more

Webmaster entrepreneurship should be parasitic team oriented commercial

is also a long period of time, many friends reflect the blog update speed is slow, then the blog update speed will slowly return to normal, and the next week will update a blog. Last time I said something about Internet start-ups, I mainly talked about my personal experience and experience, and I contacted some of the process of network entrepreneurship. After A5’s invitation Meng Jiang participated in the A5 version, is mainly talked about some 5 years down the network business experience and feelings, from the student part-time website, to IT employees to the final pressure burden to entrepreneurs, not say he is successful, because today I most like people is on the road, are struggling. So I like writing things, talking about experience and communicating with everyone. Today, share in particular some changes, personal experience changes. read more

On the foundation and rise of local gateways

: everybody is good with the local portal promotion and set up all over the country, big city small town is blossom everywhere, each have their own portal features, most importantly, can enter the normal operation state, the development of good circulation of the door to the station, only a handful of


I is a local portal station, in the development and operation of more than three years of time, adjust the revised website no less than three times, each revision spent a lot of time and effort, but the effect is not ideal, with the change of Internet users and improve the quality of taste, feel the most important aspect of the local portal is not only in propaganda more importantly, the website itself features and content updates, I said, you can explore. read more

Using websites to expand your business creative websites are the core

Internet speed can not imagine, just a few years, has been involved in every corner of the world, spread to thousands on thousands of family, involved in business and other fields, from all walks of life in the United States, there are nearly 70% families using the Internet, more and more business out on the net. Research shows that, in less than ten years, have a website will like to have a list of pages as ordinary, so to build a successful online publicity of their company services and products are your key to success in the future. read more

The budding small web site where to go

ah, with the financial crisis, recently, my shop business cold, reduced income, out of my first two big, want to change, but do not know in the end what line is suitable for me?! Hey! Was anxious white hair, what should I do?!? Afternoon or nothing to do, go out and look around! Come on the street: push street snack car, mobile phone film, I thought a person engaged in the computer industry, how can these for me?? always feel not suitable for these industries, feel that they should do some easy technical content high work. But what am I supposed to do?…… Want to go to the talent market to see, perhaps there is a suitable position, read more

Web traffic grows over millions of simple skills

traffic is king and content is king, we cried on the network for many years, there are arguments, which is the most important, this question is similar to the first chicken or egg?. In fact, very simple, both important. The content is the key to stable flow, the flow is propaganda means, not to discard them, like you and me. He has no father or mother, no, no you.

I told you the experience of building their own skills,

1, do the station to focus, what long tail effect, we don’t, if you don’t believe you try, now you can do well?. You will do, what information is not, and I do not like to do keywords, so that we can see the flow of their website, so as to enhance your station information, power, and other things to say. Old technology, Baidu Fengyun list, as long as you can not do too much, why Baidu k you can not be greedy! read more

WeChat operations how to keep writing and update your WeChat public account

because I now run a WeChat public accounts, public accounts for WeChat updates have deep feeling, no certain perseverance really difficult to stick to it, this paper mainly expounds some personal experience WeChat operating experience.

WeChat public accounts only published the original article I wrote, 2-3 articles per week, each 1000 words or more, and now the cumulative push of nearly 80 articles, did not do any form of promotion, fans are not many. But each article read rate is fairly good, a year ago has never written any articles, now insist on writing, writing articles now have the opportunity in the media published. read more

When will you be able to return the station to a stable DNS

I am an old geek, but new Adsense on the site, but I have a strong interest.

at 1 in the morning, I was chatting with some webmaster. In exploring how to promote local portal food website.

when people refer to each other’s website, they find out. The site cannot be accessed and immediately start looking for reasons when checking

When the

domain pointed, it gave us a very surprised answer. The domain name is automatically parsed back to the original register under IP. When a domain name is redirected to its server, it is discovered again. Simply can not resolve. read more

New film site experience novices do not take detours

I am a novice, is a grassroots, with enough spare time, I made a movie station, although this time many things and patent rights, the film is no exception, so a lot of movies ever made the webmaster said not to do small, do not make money, bigger is death, but there are still a lot of new movie website on the rise, although we can not and TOM365, the first to show these well-known brands, but as a hobby I chose to do a movie station below me, I make the movie station a month of experience, just want to contact a friend some help! read more