Silva: “From Madrid I would sign Sergio Ramos, he is a leader”

first_imgHow UEFA sanctions influence: “I have responded to that now in Spanish. It is not up to us, we have to focus on playing. The club is busy. We have nothing to do with it.”The key of the City for the Bernabéu: “If I tell you, then we cannot do it. Continue as in recent years, aggressive in attack, have possession, control the game …”.The costume reaction after the draw: “Normal. We know that the Champions League is difficult and all the teams are here because they deserve it, so it was normal.”The level of the Premier and the League: “They are different. It is clear that in the Premier there are many teams that can win it, in Spain maybe there is less. Every game outside, if you are not one hundred percent, they can beat you, even if they do not play well, in any ball stopped or action, and in Spain I see that a little more difficult. “Thorn nailed for not signing for Madrid: “No, my career has been something I did not think when I started and I think it has gone perfectly, both in the first teams, Celta, Valencia and Eibar, as now in the City, being out of my country, adapting and winning a lot of things in a team that I hadn’t won in a long time. I can’t complain and I’m very happy with everything that has happened. “ twenty-one The role of Bravo: “That question is better for him. The partners are here to support him as much he plays as when he doesn’t.” Key night: “They are very important matches, tomorrow is a big day. We want to win the Champions League and any match, against Madrid or against anyone, is very important.”Bernabéu factor: “Always playing around at home is better because we are with our people and we know the first leg, but for that we need to make a good game and get a good result first.”Which Madrid player would sign: “I am not going to get wet because there are many, and many teammates with whom I have shared many things. I am going to tell Sergio (Ramos) a little because I have known him for a long time, he is a leader and we could use him” .The position in the Premier and the UEFA penalty: “We have to be aware of ours, to play. It is an incentive to play against Madrid in the Champions League. We have won the Premier two years in a row, which is very difficult. This year Liverpool is intractable, so we have to focus more in other competitions. “ Win the Champions: “It’s very important, not only this season, but all of them. We want to win this competition and we haven’t done it yet. They are very important matches.”last_img read more