Using websites to expand your business creative websites are the core

Internet speed can not imagine, just a few years, has been involved in every corner of the world, spread to thousands on thousands of family, involved in business and other fields, from all walks of life in the United States, there are nearly 70% families using the Internet, more and more business out on the net. Research shows that, in less than ten years, have a website will like to have a list of pages as ordinary, so to build a successful online publicity of their company services and products are your key to success in the future. read more

The budding small web site where to go

ah, with the financial crisis, recently, my shop business cold, reduced income, out of my first two big, want to change, but do not know in the end what line is suitable for me?! Hey! Was anxious white hair, what should I do?!? Afternoon or nothing to do, go out and look around! Come on the street: push street snack car, mobile phone film, I thought a person engaged in the computer industry, how can these for me?? always feel not suitable for these industries, feel that they should do some easy technical content high work. But what am I supposed to do?…… Want to go to the talent market to see, perhaps there is a suitable position, read more

Web traffic grows over millions of simple skills

traffic is king and content is king, we cried on the network for many years, there are arguments, which is the most important, this question is similar to the first chicken or egg?. In fact, very simple, both important. The content is the key to stable flow, the flow is propaganda means, not to discard them, like you and me. He has no father or mother, no, no you.

I told you the experience of building their own skills,

1, do the station to focus, what long tail effect, we don’t, if you don’t believe you try, now you can do well?. You will do, what information is not, and I do not like to do keywords, so that we can see the flow of their website, so as to enhance your station information, power, and other things to say. Old technology, Baidu Fengyun list, as long as you can not do too much, why Baidu k you can not be greedy! read more

WeChat operations how to keep writing and update your WeChat public account

because I now run a WeChat public accounts, public accounts for WeChat updates have deep feeling, no certain perseverance really difficult to stick to it, this paper mainly expounds some personal experience WeChat operating experience.

WeChat public accounts only published the original article I wrote, 2-3 articles per week, each 1000 words or more, and now the cumulative push of nearly 80 articles, did not do any form of promotion, fans are not many. But each article read rate is fairly good, a year ago has never written any articles, now insist on writing, writing articles now have the opportunity in the media published. read more

When will you be able to return the station to a stable DNS

I am an old geek, but new Adsense on the site, but I have a strong interest.

at 1 in the morning, I was chatting with some webmaster. In exploring how to promote local portal food website.

when people refer to each other’s website, they find out. The site cannot be accessed and immediately start looking for reasons when checking

When the

domain pointed, it gave us a very surprised answer. The domain name is automatically parsed back to the original register under IP. When a domain name is redirected to its server, it is discovered again. Simply can not resolve. read more

New film site experience novices do not take detours

I am a novice, is a grassroots, with enough spare time, I made a movie station, although this time many things and patent rights, the film is no exception, so a lot of movies ever made the webmaster said not to do small, do not make money, bigger is death, but there are still a lot of new movie website on the rise, although we can not and TOM365, the first to show these well-known brands, but as a hobby I chose to do a movie station below me, I make the movie station a month of experience, just want to contact a friend some help! read more

How to build a successful shopping website

The emergence of

e-commerce, both domestic and foreign Internet, has emerged a large number of online shopping sites. The competition is too intense, how to let users give priority to find their own web site. This is the question many administrators of shopping websites are thinking about.

e-commerce is an industry that is highly integrated with search engines, at least for the time being. Most of the users who want to shop online will first search for information about the items in the search engine, and finally find a supplier of products or services. read more

16 suggestions for improving web user experience

1, web site to open faster;

The opening speed of the

site directly affects how users feel about the sites they use. It’s hard to imagine what kind of feeling a web browser would give to a visitor for half a day. If it were me, I would leave right away and would not open the site again. Because such a website will delay my precious time, and it will seriously affect my mood. So try to avoid such slow Web browsing experience. Otherwise, it’s hard for users to like your site,.

2, try to limit the use of flash and pictures; read more

Big website burn money fight competition stationmaster where is the outlet

recently Ganji invested heavily in public transport, overwhelming television, Internet and other media advertising, not only triggered a "intense discussion donkey nets" do SEO topic awake, more let us see these big sites in the current financial promotion and competition in order to amazing when to invest. Similar to this, not to mention Baidu, Taobao, Alibaba and other large Internet giants strength to fight efforts in the burn, so as to the grassroots individual owners facing the competition situation, will undoubtedly be a greater pressure. read more

3 months to build Baidu included 5000 P10000 site

first point: not the industry veteran station mouth jide.

Last September

the QQ station ( station, after two months, Baidu algorithm updates, leading the rest of a home, after all Links stagnant, do site my station removed, anger and helpless, who let oneself of the station was pulled into the "bald chicken". And then busy other things on the station to forget, and busy two months later, and suddenly think of this station SITE, is still a home page. Decadent…… And then all day in the top of the Admin5 to read the articles of experts, stealing skills from one or two, there is the idea of revision of the site. read more

Are graduates suitable for entrepreneurship

At present we

the social status quo in the continuous progress, but with the arrival of the financial crisis, it does make a lot of enterprises and our company began operating difficulties, and even some enterprises directly facing the collapse.

the same problem, the company operating difficulties to layoffs, they are faced with graduation, can be said to be the graduate unemployment state, according to the recent network, there are a lot of newspapers, television and other media have reported, even a little also said, "now college students looking for work is not good, my friend of migrant workers" do not love to hear this, although the situation reflects the very real, but it is a bit of a group of people to feel contempt, migrant workers and labour are brothers, just graduated from this college friends are generally not, something we should complement can learn from. read more

Do insist on standing or looking for a quiet life

last October, the third semester, through the help of students, made a very garbage QQ station, and even the program is the default system. At that time, Baidu included in the new time is not long, less than a week was collected, and then looking at the tiny spots of IP, although IP is less, but very interested. Also because the university class is few, every day has the time to be able to add several articles to come up. Two months later, IP finally broke through one thousand, ha ha ~ happy then. Also began to put GG advertising, looking forward to income. Although only one dollar a day, sometimes less, but also very happy. After the new year home, it may be my luck, IP every day on the rise, to the beginning of the school, there has been 4000IP. It was full of momentum then. The station reached its peak by May, IP eighteen thousand. read more

A how to make a charmed game station

game station, as a lot of grassroots Adsense will be involved in the industry, but also indeed to feed a group of friends. Its advantages include high user viscosity, diversified profit means and low marketing cost. Of course, some webmaster also like this, but anyway, the game station has become a lot of webmasters to establish the preferred site of the industry. But popular hot, we can see that although the game station has been sought after, but the same is the Red Sea competition, very difficult to do. Competitive games and Tastes differ all tastes. industry itself, makes some webmaster face users cannot produce enough value, long before the inevitable No one shows any interest in the site. So what should grassroots friends do to build a game station for everyone to remember? Let me share some of my ideas. read more

High quality information is the foundation prompting the user to pay the bill is the key

for the website, the operation of the ultimate goal is to let users spend on the site, even if it is not able to direct consumption, but also through the user driven innovation to website profit pattern, thus indirectly make website gain, this website can be in today’s competitive environment to live in relatively moist a little, how can let users on the site for direct consumption or indirect consumption? Information quality is the site of the core foundation.

high quality information allows users to benefit from read more

How does the website register catalog


web login catalog is not as simple as submitting it to an automatic search engine, which usually only needs to enter a URL. The steps to log into categories are to query various topics, find the directories that are best for them, then start submitting them, fill in the details of the site, and contact the company. In choosing the correct directory login, it is best to use your main keyword search all categories of websites, study the relevant directory of existing sites, in short, choose the most suitable for their website login. Some directories provide directory login instructions, which are worth reading before submission to ensure foolproof. read more

Analysis reasons for the website to collect fees

inadvertently saw an article "the essence of information not free on the Internet, search engines can be part of the innovative nature", mentioned Internet information charges "justified", "is the information storage, transmission and operation are energy. And energy seems to have never been free on this earth." Here said the right, although it is very easy to copy and paste information, do not need what information processing and production costs, but the store a lot of information on the need for server load, as Google has so large database, light is the server site requires considerable space. If the Google are completely free, then from what channels to obtain funds can provide a storage server space? So it can not guarantee the interests of users, but also the most basic web site is the identity of enterprises, for enterprises, the most basic purpose is profit, if has been in a state of "money" so, I think any company will not continue to go on business. Of course, the server problem is just one aspect, to provide information services for the enterprise, there is no direct income, so we can not guarantee the valuable information provided can not provide effective services, so that the people using the interests can not be guaranteed. read more

Being optimistic but not in good condition online recruitment needs introspection

network recruitment of this new job search way of development, indeed attract more and more people to stand in observation, everyone wants to find a job in the recruitment site satisfaction. So the job seekers are registered members, wide vote resume, but the final result is not ideal, so much seems to have no echo, really few receive a reply. Network recruitment has been developing for decades, according to reason, has formed a standardized business model, in the market should have a decisive influence. But compared to the current market trends, people are always too strong to raise the power of online recruitment. That is to say, what you see and experience is two different concepts. The network recruitment, is a common phenomenon, of course, can not deny, there are also some recruitment website has done very well, all this is because station varies, but the whole industry is indeed to people in the present a trend of shrinking. read more

Analysis of Fuzhou decoration company SEO ranking in 2017


decoration company Xiaobian for website, SEO early writing is essential, we need to have the development goals, and in accordance with the idea of writing efficient operation of a good website.

on the Fuzhou decoration company program writing, can be divided into two main categories, the external optimization of the site and optimize the operation of the site.

site external optimization operations

first of all, we need to have a certain understanding of the industry, according to industry and development goals to locate the site, determine the user groups of the site. read more

nternet product design cutting tips point nine map multiplier

users see the product interface renderings are not designers make painstaking efforts of creation, but a single slice through the development of technology students. Map as a bridge between designers and developers, its role is very important, appropriate and accurate cutting position can be design to maximize the reduction effect, exquisite cutting will have a multiplier effect Oh!

We often do a

known as the "Nine" figure, what is "Nine"? "Nine" is a special form of Android platform for image processing, because the file extension ".9.png", so called "nine". Point nine is also a unique technology developed for the needs of Android platforms with multiple resolutions to be adapted. The pictures can be arbitrarily transverse and longitudinal tensile, and retain the original pixel size precision, gradient texture and rounded, to achieve the perfect display multi resolution, while reducing unnecessary image resources, can be described as cutting tool. read more

College master how long can you hold on

met a little girl in the Qilu SEO group today. It looks like she’s interested in SEO and wants to develop herself in the SEO world. A just graduated college students, a sincere webmaster feelings, with the faith forward all the way forward.

When the

group started the topic, some people asked me what kind of person for SEO? I said a wise man; then someone asked only clever people to learn SEO, not a wise man is not suitable for studying? My answer is very reluctantly, everyone can learn, but a clever man to make money with SEO; and some people ask, what kind do you belong to? I smiled and answered, I am bad to others can’t tell what kind of person. read more