Brad Fast named director of hockey operations at Michigan State

first_imgFast laced up the skates for the Spartans back in his playing days where he was an All-American, and an Academic All-American. From 1999-2003 he tallied 114 points in 164 games for the team. Fort St John alumni Brad Fast has landed one of the top hockey jobs with the Michigan State Spartans of the NCAA. The school announced last week that Fast would be joining the team as director of hockey operations.Fast applied for the job shortly after he returned from running this year’s North Peace Alumni Hockey School after a friend who previously held the position took a job with USA Hockey.While he won’t be coaching the players directly, Fast will have an active role in helping the squad get ready for their games this season- Advertisement -“I do a lot of preparation for games. It’s a non-coaching role so I’m not out on the ice because of NCAA compliance rules. They prevent me from getting out there. What I do is I watch video from our opponent’s previous games, I break down the video from our games and try and get us as best prepared as we possibly can for every weekend,” he said.Michigan State has always had a soft spot in Fast’s heart going back to when he first visited the campus when he was being recruited by the school as a player.“I really just love being a part of Michigan State. To be a part of the hockey program is an added bonus. From the time that I came here and visited the school way back when I was in high school I fell in love with this place,” he said.Advertisementlast_img read more


first_imgThe Donegal Mountain Rescue Team has come through an assessment giving them a license to respond to emergency calls across the region for the next three years until 2017. The team face various rescue scenarios.The team and their governing body insist on operating the highest standard during response calls to people caught in dangerous situations across the county.Two assessors put your local mountain rescue team through the paces from 8.30pm until after midnight on Friday night( Admin capability approval) and then again from 10.00am this morning til 1.30pm today ( Mountain Rescue capabilities approval). The assessment scenario was based on a “call-out” from a solo hill walker that sustained a suspected lower leg fracture while walking in the eastern region of the Bluestack mountains.The Incident Control Unit was deployed to, and based at, the car park between Lough Mourne and Biddy’s of Barnes pub.A hasty team was deployed to locate the casualty, followed by two self contained ( ie, fully equipped) Search & Rescue Units.Donegal Mountain RescueThe casualty was located on steep ground and treated by a Team medic while the rest of us set up belay systems to ensure a safe and fast extraction to the road side. At the following debrief, the two independent Assessors told the team what they seen and thought of them, as your local mountain rescue team.And the great news is that the team passed with flying colours. Your local mountain rescue team are validated for another 3 years with the next assessment scheduled for 2017.The second Assessor said “be proud to be a member of Donegal MRT” and he would be proud to a part of us.The best news of all is that Donegal MRT are now invited to join one assessor’s Team for winter training in Scotland and we are in the planning stages of partaking in a multi team exercise based on the mountainous and extreme regions of Connaught.Please remember, all members of Donegal MRT are volunteers. While we give up our free time voluntarily, we can not survive without your contributions on street collection days. DONEGAL MOUNTAIN RESCUE TEAM GIVEN GREEN LIGHT TO OPERATE FOR NEXT THREE YEARS was last modified: May 18th, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:assessmentdonegalDonegal Mountain Rescuelast_img read more

Scuba-diving South Africa

first_imgThe mecca of South African divers is Sodwana Bay in northern KwaZulu-Natal, where extensive tropical reefs lie parallel to the shore. RELATED ARTICLES • The adventure starts here • Garden Route’s new national park • Spoilt for adventure choice • Big fish, big teeth, big bucks • Sharkspotting keeps seas safeFiona McIntoshSouth Africa is underrated as a diving destination. Sure, cage diving off Gansbaai is an international crowd puller, and KwaZulu-Natal province’s Protea Banks is on the map of any diver serious about scuba diving with sharks.But there is so much more, a wealth and variety of marine life in the reefs along the country’s coastline. That said, diving in South Africa is not for the faint-hearted. The water can be cold, the visibility poor, the launches wild and the currents fast. But on a good day diving here is as good as it gets. So go on – take the plunge.The mecca of South African divers is Sodwana Bay in northern KwaZulu-Natal. The warm waters brought down by the Mozambique Current favour coral development, and extensive tropical reefs lie parallel to the shore. These are unimaginatively named for their distance from the launch site at Jesser Point – Quarter-Mile, Two-Mile, Five-Mile, Seven-Mile and Nine-Mile.This is where most local divers do their first open-water dives, so there’s a multitude of resident dive schools. If you’ve never dived the KwaZulu-Natal coast expect a fairly hair-raising first boat trip. After you’ve pushed the rigid inflatable boat into the shallows it’s all aboard, life jackets on and feet in the straps ready for an exciting ride through the surf.You can spend hours searching for unusual specimens such as leaf fish and tiny crustaceans on Stringer Reef, admiring the beautiful table corals and shoals of flame goatfish at Coral Gardens or photographing the wonderful rock and coral topography of Arches.Anton’s Reef is known for its dense shoals of fish while pregnant ragged-tooth sharks often descend on Quarter Mile between May and December, so you can literally sit on the sand and watch these magnificent creatures cruise overhead.The further reefs are even more spectacular. At Seven-Mile you’ll see dense, colourful shoals of snapper and baitfish, and at Nine-Mile dramatic green tree coral and resident potato and brindle bass.When conditions are right, “Breaking Waters” on Nine-Mile is outstanding – you shoot over the shallow reef, though caves and pitch-black tunnels until you see a shaft of light that you fin up to. Keep your eyes peeled for the smaller treasures which the dive masters love to locate – beautiful paperfish, frogfish and nudibranchs. You’ll often see dolphins surfing in the backline on the way to these sites, and more than once we’ve seen whale sharks and manta rays.There are some specialised courses on offer, including Gypsea Centre’s whale shark programme where you learn about the habits of these gentle giants then head out to sea guided by a spotter plane to snorkel with them. Then there’s Reefteach’s environmental specialties course and Sodwana Bay Lodge’s photographic courses.Further up the coast Rocktail Bay Dive Centre and Thonga Beach Lodge are the only concession holders on a long and pristine section of reef, so they are able to offer boutique diving at its best.The second most popular dive venue is Aliwal Shoal, five kilometres off Umkomaas. The shoal is famous for its fast drift dives, awesome topography, colourful tropical fish, beautiful corals and ragged tooth sharks. There are also two great shipwrecks, the Produce and the Nebo, where the stars are turtles and big game fish.My favourite site is the appropriately named Cathedral, with its magnificent arch and ledges under which all manner of tiny critters hide. Between July and November Cathedral is a popular hangout for ragged tooth sharks, so watch for beady eyes in the shadows.If you want a really close encounter with sharks join African Watersports on one of their specialised, baited tiger shark dives. Drifting along eyeballing tiger and black-tip sharks is an amazing, almost surreal experience.Protea Banks is for serious adrenalin junkies and advanced divers only. This rocky reef, eight kilometres off the coast at Shelley Beach, has wonderful arches, caves and pinnacles to explore as well as pretty corals and fish life.But it’s the sharks that most divers come to see. In winter scores of ragged tooth sharks lurk under the overhangs, while Zambezi sharks are regular visitors between October and May, tigers between April and November, and hammerheads are usually in the area in November and December. Of course, like any animal encounter, it’s hit and miss – particularly as the strong current means viewing is at speed.The Sardine Run is a major marine attraction all along the south coast during June and July, when visiting dive charters join with local dive schools and operators offering surface viewing for non-divers.The event, cleverly marketed as the Greatest Shoal on Earth, is a spectacle of diving gannets, leaping dolphins and big predators chasing and munching the oily, silver slicks of sardines that move into the shallow waters at this time. If you’re lucky you might be in the water to experience a baitball, a pocket of sardines rounded up by predators into a clustered group near the surface and then greedily devoured. But be careful out there!The Western Cape coastline offers a range of dive options from wrecks to kelp forests, seals to tiny nudibranchs, many accessible as shore dives.The water on the False Bay side of the Cape Peninsula is warmer, and dives on the beautiful boulders reveal wonderful small critters that have macro-photographers snapping away until their lips turn blue. The most famous sites are probably the Smits wrecks, which lie in the picturesque Smitswinkel Bay just outside the Cape Point Reserve. Five vessels, two navy frigates, the SAS Transvaal and SAS Good Hope, a diamond dredger, the Rockeater, and two fishing trawlers the Princess Elizabeth and the Oratava, were scuttled in the 1970s to form artificial reefs covered with psychedelic soft corals, sponges and gorgonian fans.On the Atlantic side Coral Gardens and Justin’s Caves – underwater wonderlands of bright corals – are great shore dives when conditions are right, while the wreck of the Maori and Vulcan Rock are popular boat dives from Hout Bay.Diving operators African Watersports Blue Wilderness Safaris Aliwal Dive Centre African Dive Adventures Bubble Blowers Dive Action Orca Industries Pisces Divers Triton Dive ChartersReefteachGypsea Centrelast_img read more

Learning about Stress in Young Military Children

first_imgThis blog post was written by Kathy Reschke, Child Care Leader at Military Families Learning Network. What’s the difference between positive stress, tolerable stress and toxic stress?Why is it pointless to reason with a child in the middle of an emotionally charged moment?How can child care providers be a “buffer” to young children who are experiencing the stresses of military family life?These and many other topics were addressed in a recent webinar hosted by the Child Care group of the Military Families Learning Network. Presenter Dr. Diane Bales walked us through what stress is, how it affects young children in military families, and a number of strategies that child care professionals can use to ease that stress and lessen negative impact. The presentation also included excerpts from an interview with Dr. Will Mosier, faculty at Wright State University and Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserves. Will shared helpful information on supporting children emotionally during stressful times.WEBINAR LINKHere are some key points that I thought were particularly helpful for child care professionals to know:Stress is any external event or circumstance that “throws us off balance,” that significantly changes our everyday experience.  Stresses can be positive events as well as negative events. For example, having a parent return home from a long deployment is a very positive event, and yet it significantly changes up the child’s usual daily life. Until a “new normal” is established, those changes, even though they are positive, can be stressors.Stressors cause physical and emotional responses and changes in all of us, including even very young children, that our outside of our control. In the short term, those responses can help us be alert and take action. But when stressors are overwhelming or persistent, children need additional support to bring those physically and emotionally intense responses back down to more normal levels. That’s where child care professionals can play a critical role for children in military families. Caring, knowledgeable, and sensitive providers can provide the extra support and attention to a child during the child care day that help insulate her from high levels of stress responses that all of the family members are dealing with when big changes occur.Helping young children cope with stressful situations isn’t complicated. Children are comforted and supported by simple but intentional strategies.Predictability and routine in the child care environment provide a sense of security and confidence to a child who is dealing with unpredictability and change at home. That predictability and routine include maintaining the usual rules and consequences about behavior. Though we may be tempted to “go easy” on a child who misbehaves when we know there are big changes at home, being firm and predictable in response will actually provide assurance and a sense of safety to him.Listening and showing empathy to a child’s emotions, without psychoanalyzing or presuming where those emotions are coming from, is very often all that’s needed for a child to regain a sense of equilibrium and calm.Young children often don’t know the words for the emotions they are feeling and can be frightened by their intensity. We can help by not only showing empathy but by giving them labels for the emotions they are feeling.  This includes positive emotions, like excitement and happiness, as well as negative emotions, such as sadness or anger.I hope this whets your appetite for more! If you visit our “Learn” page, you will find a recording for the entire, hour-long webinar and a link to a PDF of all of the slides so that you can print them out, make notes, and have them for future reference.  You’ll also find links to related resources that can help you in understanding the stresses of young military children’s lives and more ways that you can provide that safe, caring place that will help them cope with their current situation and build their resilience to stressors in the future. Here’s the LINK.And if you have your own stories of supporting military children and families through difficult changes, or you have more suggestions for building their ability to cope, we’d love to hear them!last_img read more

Possible to topple US, says Raja Bell

first_imgRaja Bell calls himself a ‘journeyman’ basketball player, and his travels have now brought him to India for the first time. And the National Basketball Association (NBA) star is eager to see the talent pool in the country.”I am very interested in seeing what the talent level in India is like. I’d love to have an opportunity to work with some of the younger kids, because that is my passion. Kenny Natt (India’s national coach) was an assistant coach when I played with the Utah Jazz, so to see the work he’s doing with the national team here is very exciting,” Bell told Mail Today on Friday.”I want to be able to hop into some of those drills and just see where basketball is in the country.”Asked what the secret behind his very ‘Indian’ first name was, Bell said: “It’s not through heritage, though my mother was fully aware of its meaning. My father’s name is Roger, and in the Virgin Islands (when he was born), he was called ‘Raja’, so my mother read up on it, liked it and gave me that name.”With the Olympics just around the corner, the US team is once again the favourite to win a gold medal, but Bell believes the day isn’t far when it will be challenged every step of the way.”Basketball isn’t in its infancy as an international sport, but it is far behind sports like football and cricket. If the NBA can come into these countries and create a fan base, things can progress pretty quickly,” Bell said.advertisement”I don’t think the lack of a challenge is upsetting. We have a league with the best players in the world, and when you can take the best of best from that, the US expects to win gold. Teams from other countries do give us a run for our money, and we have had to do a better job of late of trying to create a ‘team’, rather than a bunch of superstars.”Bell has bounced around the league in his 12-year career, playing for six different teams, some of which have been genuine championship contenders, and others cellar dwellers.But the 35-year-old shooting guard, who went undrafted out of the unheralded Florida International University, has made a name for himself as a defensive specialist who can knock down three-point shots with ease, and is proud of his achievements.”I have exceeded my own expectations, and made a career out of playing in the NBA. Now I just want to add a championship; that would be the final accomplishment. I want to play a role on a championship team,” said the man who has been an NBA All-Defensive Team selection twice.Bell recently agreed to a buyout of his contract with the Utah Jazz, which leaves him free to explore the free agent market, and his destination is likely to be a ready championship contender like the Miami Heat or the Los Angeles Lakers.Superstars like Steve Nash, Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis have taken paycuts to be able to play with these teams next season, and Bell admits this is creating a ‘haves and havenots’ scenario in the league.There is also the issue of team and fan loyalty, but Bell believes the players are just being pragmatic.”Some of our players are taking a more business-like approach, exercising their rights to make that happen. This is a big part of why we were locked out last season. It does create an imbalance in the league, but if you look at the finals last season, it makes for good drama,” Bell said.”Teams like Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers were the best in the league in terms of talent, and they have addressed issues on their rosters and got better. So the other teams will have to raise their games to challenge them for the title. Brooklyn (formerly New Jersey) Nets have a chance, and teams like San Antonio are always in the mix because of the way they are coached.”last_img read more

Flow Connects with the Caribbean Diaspora at the YOWronto Music Festival in

first_imgAdvertisement Login/Register With: LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment TORONTO, ON–(Marketwired – May 11, 2017) –  Flow has joined forces with FreshKut Productions Inc. as a telecommunications sponsor for the inaugural staging of Canada’s YOWronto Music Festival, as the Company and organizers seek to forge stronger ties between Canada and the Caribbean.With a strong Caribbean Diaspora population in Toronto (and throughout Canada), the YOWronto Music Festival provides Flow with the perfect opportunity to connect with Caribbean people living abroad. The Company is using its mobile top-up platform as the main technology connector for the festival. The platform enables Caribbean people living abroad to send mobile credit back home quickly and conveniently, to ensure they are always connected.Karl Haughton, a Director of FreshKut Productions, Inc. said, “I am really excited that Flow has agreed to come on board as a sponsor. It is a testament to the company’s commitment to support Caribbean people, culture and content and the YOWronto Music Festival provides such a great opportunity for that.” Advertisement Advertisement The YOWronto Music Festival features international and Caribbean recording artistes including Alison Hinds, Baby Cham, Romain Virgo, Lieutenant Stitchie, Eric Donaldson, Professor Nuts and Tessanne Chin. An exciting line up of Canadian artistes including Michie Mee, Jay Harmony, Carlos Morgan, Blessed, Kim Davis, Ammoye Evans, and Jimmy Reid will also perform.“We’re excited by this opportunity to support this unique festival that celebrates Caribbean culture in Canada,” said James McElvanna, VP Products at Cable & Wireless, operator of Flow. “The festival gives us an opportunity to showcase our convenient top-up platform developed especially for the diaspora to help keep them connected with friends and family in the region.” McElvanna says the online top-up platform is easy to use; people living Toronto, for example, simply need to go to the website, add the local Flow phone number of a friend or relative and send credit to them to stay connected.The YOWronto Music Festival is a musical extravaganza geared towards Caribbean people living in Toronto, and this year’s event is intended to coincide with the celebration of Canada’s 150th year of Confederation. This Festival will be held at Woodbine Mall on Saturday July 1, and Sunday, July 2, 2017, and will boast a variety of activities for all ages. The Festival will commence at 11:00 am and end at 11:00 pm on both days.About C&W CommunicationsC&W is a full service communications and entertainment provider and delivers market-leading video, broadband, telephony and mobile services to consumers in 18 countries. Through its business division, C&W provides data center hosting, domestic and international managed network services, and customized IT service solutions, utilizing cloud technology to serve business and government customers.C&W also operates a state-of-the-art submarine fiber network — the most extensive in the region.Learn more at, or follow C&W on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.About Liberty GlobalLiberty Global is the world’s largest international TV and broadband company, with operations in more than 30 countries across Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. We invest in the infrastructure that empowers our customers to make the most of the digital revolution. Our scale and commitment to innovation enable us to develop market-leading products delivered through next-generation networks that connect our 25 million customers who subscribe to over 50 million television, broadband internet and telephony services. We also serve over 10 million mobile subscribers and offer WiFi service across 6 million access points.The Liberty Global Group operates in 11 European countries under the consumer brands Virgin Media, Unitymedia, Telenet and UPC. The Liberty Global Group also owns 50% of VodafoneZiggo, a Dutch joint venture, which has 4 million customers, 10 million fixed-line subscribers and 5 million mobile subscribers. The LiLAC Group operates in over 20 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean under the consumer brands VTR, Flow, Liberty, Más Móvil and BTC. In addition, the LiLAC Group operates a sub-sea fiber network throughout the region in over 30 markets.For more information, please visit Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

Assembly of Manitoba chiefs call on RCMP to investigate online Facebook comments

first_imgAPTN National NewsA resolution at a meeting of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) is calling on the RCMP to look into a number of charged comments on Facebook associated with a toddler who was killed in Edmonton.The Facebook user, Allison Wiese, posted three comments on the page of Global News including this one; “I’m so glad this baby didn’t get a chance to breed we have enough natives in Regina.”Reaction on the social network site was immediate and the issue found its way into a resolution at the AMC.“We’re not going to sweep this under the rug anymore,” said AMC Grand Chief Derek Nepinak. “We as Indigenous people have a responsibility to stand up against racism and we’re calling on a broader Canadian society to stand up against racism because it’s been a significant detriment to a peaceful society.”On social media, people are calling it a fake account – something that Nepinak said doesn’t matter.“If it is a fake account that’s fine,” said Nepinak. “A fake account is still being actioned by somebody and behind that fake account exits a human being who is strongly demonstrating hatred against our people … and that person needs to be helped on some level but they also need to be held accountable.”Anthony Raine is the 19-month-old who was murdered in Edmonton.His body was discovered Friday on the grounds of the Good Shepherds Anglican church.His father, Joseph Crier, 26, and his girlfriend, Tasha Mack, 25, have been charged with second-degree murder.According to police, the toddler died from blunt force trauma to the read more

NASA now aims to return astronauts to the moon within 5 years

first_img Pence was also explicit that meeting the new five-year goal should be accomplished “by any means necessary,” including switching to commercial rockets. NASA has planned to send astronauts beyond orbit using its new Space Launch System (SLS) and the Orion spacecraft, but SLS has been plagued by delays. Earlier this month, Bridenstine testified before a congressional committee that NASA may need to perform the first uncrewed launch of Orion in 2020 using a commercial rocket like a SpaceX Falcon Heavy instead. However, in a statement released later Tuesday, Bridenstine said that “while some of these alternative vehicles could work, none was capable of achieving our goals to orbit around the moon for Exploration Mission-1 within our timeline and on budget. The results of this two-week study reaffirmed our commitment to the SLS. More details will be released in the future.”Despite the challenges, Bridenstine said NASA will work to accomplish the goal of landing astronauts near the moon’s south pole by 2024.Sticking to schedules hasn’t always been NASA’s strong suit, though. Well, at least not since the last time we set foot on the moon.  NASA Space Tags 5:20 Pence’s speech echoed overtones of the Cold War tensions that drove NASA to achieve the original Apollo 11 moon landing on schedule 50 years ago this July.  Pence said we’re in the midst of another space race, citing China’s recent landing on the far side of the moon and saying that it “revealed their ambition to seize the strategic lunar high ground.” He also mentioned the reliance on Russian rockets to send American astronauts to orbit over the past decade, something the agency hopes to bring to an end with new spacecraft designed by SpaceX, Boeing and NASA itself. “The first woman and the next man on the moon will both be American astronauts, launched by American rockets from American soil.” Now playing: Watch this: Share your voice 9 BIG NEWS: President Trump and @VP Pence have directed @NASA to return astronauts to the Moon in the next 5 years.Challenge accepted. Now let’s get to work.— Jim Bridenstine (@JimBridenstine) March 26, 2019 NASA’s bid to get humans back to the moon The second man on the moon, Buzz Aldrin, as photographed by the first, Neil Armstrong, who’s reflected in Aldrin’s visor. NASA At a meeting of the National Space Council on Tuesday, Vice President Mike Pence challenged NASA to put astronauts back on the moon by 2024, moving up the agency’s timeline for a return to the lunar surface. “What we need now is urgency,” Pence said during a speech to a crowd at the US Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. “It is the stated policy of this administration and the United States of America to return American astronauts to the moon within the next five years.” NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine, appointed by President Donald Trump, later accepted the challenge, calling it “right on time.” “NASA is going to do everything in its power to meet that deadline,” Bridenstine said.  Bridenstine’s Twitter account also sent out a link to NASA’s Moon to Mars page that still listed 2028 as the target for putting new boots on the lunar surface. The page has since been revised to show the new 2024 target for astronauts on the moon. Sci-Tech Commentslast_img read more

Judge Newest Travel Ban Same Maladies As Previous Version

Judge Newest Travel Ban Same Maladies As Previous Version

first_img Share Jason RedmondPeople protest outside as the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals prepares to hear arguments on President Trump’s revised travel ban in Seattle on Monday.Just hours before President Donald Trump’s latest travel ban was to take full effect, a federal judge in Hawaii blocked the revised order, saying the policy has the same problems as a previous version.The revised order “suffers from precisely the same maladies as its predecessor,” U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson wrote in his ruling, which prevented the Trump administration from enforcing the travel ban set to go into effect early Wednesday.It was the third set of travel restrictions issued by the president to be thwarted, in whole or in part, by the courts.A federal judge in Maryland quickly followed suit with a similar ruling. U.S. District Judge Theodore Chuang also granted a nationwide preliminary injunction late Tuesday.Chuang’s ruling said the administration had “not shown that national security cannot be maintained without an unprecedented eight-country travel ban.”Watson’s Tuesday ruling said the new ban, like its predecessor, fails to show that nationality alone makes a person a greater security risk to the U.S.“The categorical restrictions on entire populations of men, women and children, based upon nationality, are a poor fit for the issues regarding the sharing of ‘public-safety and terrorism-related information’ that the president identifies,” Watson wrote.He said the ban is inconsistent in the way some countries are included or left out. For example, Iraq failed to meet the security benchmark but was omitted from the ban. Somalia met the information-sharing benchmark but was included.APDemonstrators agains the so-called travel ban in Seattle on May 15th, 2017.The ban, which was announced in September, applied to travelers from Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria and Yemen, along with some Venezuelan government officials and their families.The Trump administration said the ban was based on an assessment of each country’s security situation and willingness to share information with the U.S.White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders called the ruling “dangerously flawed” and said it “undercuts the president’s efforts to keep the American people safe.” The Justice Department said it will quickly appeal.The judge’s ruling applies only to the six Muslim-majority countries on the list. It does not affect the restrictions against North Korea or Venezuela, because Hawaii did not ask for that.The state of Hawaii challenged the ban on a set of mostly Muslim countries, arguing that the restrictions would separate families and undermine the recruiting of diverse college students.“This is the third time Hawaii has gone to court to stop President Trump from issuing a travel ban that discriminates against people based on their nation of origin or religion,” Hawaii Attorney General Doug Chin said in a statement. “Today is another victory for the rule of law.”Steve Helber | APProtesters hold signs and march in front of the State Capitol across the street from the US 4th Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Va., Monday, May 8, 2017. The court will examine a ruling that blocks the administration from temporarily barring new visas for citizens of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. It’s the first time an appeals court will hear arguments on the revised travel ban, which is likely destined for the U.S. Supreme Court.Watson, appointed to the bench by President Barack Obama, said the new restrictions ignore a federal appeals court ruling against Trump’s previous ban.The latest version “plainly discriminates based on nationality in the manner that the 9th Circuit has found antithetical to … the founding principles of this nation,” Watson wrote.Hawaii also argued the updated ban was a continuation of Trump’s campaign call for a ban on Muslims, despite the addition of two countries without a Muslim majority.Watson noted that Hawaii had argued Trump did not back down from that call, listing in the ruling a series of June tweets “in which (Trump) complained about how the Justice Department had submitted a “watered down, politically correct version’ to the Supreme Court.”Other courts that weighed the travel ban have cited Trump’s comments about banning Muslims, including the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Virginia and a federal judge in Maryland. Watson also referred to a Trump campaign statement in his previous ruling.“Judge Watson’s ruling makes clear that we are a nation of laws, no matter what this administration may try to do,” Hawaii’s U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz said in a statement. “There is a place here for peaceful immigrants from every corner of the world: Spain, Syria, Sudan, or Singapore. There is no place here for discrimination or xenophobia.”Watson found fault with what sorts of visitors are barred. For instance, all tourists and business travelers from Libya are excluded from the U.S., but student visitors were allowed.The judge said he would set an expedited hearing to determine whether the temporary restraining order blocking the ban should be extended. It comes as other courts weigh challenges to the ban.In Maryland, the American Civil Liberties Union and other groups are seeking to block the visa and entry restrictions. Washington state, Massachusetts, California, Oregon, New York and Maryland are challenging the order in front of the same federal judge in Seattle who struck down Trump’s initial ban in January.That ban — aimed mostly at Muslim-majority countries — led to chaos and confusion at airports nationwide and triggered several lawsuits, including one from Hawaii.When Trump revised the ban, Hawaii challenged that version, too, and Watson agreed it discriminated on the basis of nationality and religion. A subsequent U.S. Supreme Court ruling allowed the administration to partially reinstate restrictions against Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen and against all refugees.Hawaii then successfully challenged the government’s definition of which relatives of people already living in the U.S. would be allowed into the country, and Watson ordered the list expanded.last_img read more